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From the Past to the Present–Palmer Women Continue to Inspire

From the Past to the Present–Palmer Women Continue to Inspire

Winter 2016

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A total information technology refresh

Mark Wiseley is leading Palmer’s IT improvements.
Mark standing with arms crossed in front of server towers

If you’re looking for Palmer College’s CIO these days, you’ll find him in newly remodeled office space in North Hall. From there, Senior Director of Information Technology Mark Wiseley is leading major Information Technology (IT) initiatives affecting all three campuses. He’s been at the helm of Palmer’s IT department just over a year. His impact has been significant.

“One of the things the Board of Trustees realized after the last strategic-planning survey is that Palmer’s IT systems were neglected,” he says. “It was the drive for bringing me on staff. Now we’re bringing our IT systems up-to-date. We’re doing a total information technology refresh.”

From improved Helpdesk services and new anti-spam software to a cutting-edge data-center with upgraded server hardware and data backup systems, Palmer’s IT is definitely new and improved. They’ve even renovated their offices to provide IT staff with an appropriately professional work space for collaborating with staff, students and vendors.

Data security has been a huge factor. Palmer’s IT systems hold patient, employee and student information that must be protected according to federal requirements. Beyond that, Wiseley and his team have also focused on improving service and efficiency by implementing hardware and software upgrades that will better meet the needs of the Palmer community both now and in the future. One example is the new, fully implemented vBlock/Avamar integrated solution. This “data-center in a box” provides enhanced virtual server hosting, networking and storage technology combined with next-generation data backup and protection.

From a user perspective, the changes have been subtle. Internet access, email and the myriad systems used every day have continued to serve the needs of the Palmer community without interruption. So far, the changes have barely made a ripple in the flow of daily life on campus. It’s a testimony to the effectiveness of Wiseley and his team. But the impact of these upgrades will affect Palmer for years to come.

While making these changes, Wiseley and his team have worked hard to tear down work-team silos and build College-wide collaboration. In fact, they’ve been so successful at earning the trust of other departments that it’s created a new problem. “Now departments are bringing us in on a lot of initiatives rather than just doing their own thing, which makes our list of projects a little overwhelming,” he says, “but that’s a very good problem to have.”

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