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From the Past to the Present–Palmer Women Continue to Inspire

From the Past to the Present–Palmer Women Continue to Inspire

Winter 2016

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Dr. Bottorff, Sr., on giving back to Palmer

Dr. Bottorff (right) receiving his Fellowship award in 2010 from then-president Dr. Don Kern.
Dr. Kern presents award while shaking hands with Dr. Bottorff. Both are wearing a medal.

When John Bottorff, Sr., D.C., F.P.A.C., Davenport ’55, looks back on his time at Palmer, he remembers what a financial struggle it was. Even with his wife working full-time, he recalls being “dropped from the rolls several times because we didn’t have enough money.”

But Palmer helped him with a loan and he was able to complete the program. In 2006, he and his wife decided to establish an endowed scholarship, the Dr. John Sr. and Carol Bottorff Endowed Scholarship, to help Palmer students struggling to pay for their education.

“I regained my health under chiropractic care and dedicated myself to being a chiropractor,” he says. “I got help from Palmer as a student, and my wife and I wanted to do what we could to help future students struggling financially. It is up to chiropractors to support the chiropractic profession.”

After graduating, Dr. Bottorff practiced for 58 years— until he was 91 years old—in Plymouth, Ind., where he and his wife raised their family. Two of their eight children, John Bottorff, Jr., D.C., Davenport ’81, and Janelle Bottorff, D.C., ’89, went on to become chiropractors in Indiana. His granddaughter, Kaitlyn Bottorff, is a student on the Davenport campus. He’s referred students to Palmer continuously over the years—at least 15 have enrolled.

For Dr. Bottorff, seeing the results of chiropractic kept him wanting to stay in “the greatest profession” as long as possible. His motto is: “Do it in the eyes of God to the best of your ability.” He encourages his fellow alumni to set up scholarships. “Donate to Palmer to keep the College going and help more people become chiropractors,” he says.

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