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Serving Those Who Serve

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Summer 2017

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Healthy tourists promote healthy lifestyles

Healthy tourists Dr. Luis Rojas and Amber Yash on the Florida campus.
 Dr. Luis Rojas and Amber Yash

In January 2017, Luis Rojas, D.C., Florida ’06, and his wife, Amber Yash, LMT, made Palmer's Florida campus an early stop on their ’round the world bike tour. They visited with former class- mates and experienced all the changes and improvements to the campus.

“We’re so excited to share our adventures of biking around the world,” says Dr. Rojas. “After years of helping others learn how to live a healthier life at our chiropractic and massage therapy practice, Douglas Spine & Rehab in Georgia, we’ve decided to take a leap of faith, sell most of our material possessions, and live bicycling around the world.”

By April, “the healthy tourists” had reached Key West and were preparing to embark for Columbia, South America, where Luis’ father resides. Throughout the trip, the couple visits as many chiro-practors as possible and both get adjusted regularly. Their diet is mostly plant-based and they find lodging with friends, fellow chiropractors and others who are enthusiastic about their mission. While exciting and fulfilling, their trip has not been without challenges. On their last day in Miami, Dr. Rojas was hit by a car and broke his arm. “Biking with all those bags is very challenging,” he says. “With a broken arm in a cast it becomes very difficult.”

Their goal is to reach Maine by early June, load up the bikes in a rental truck and drive to Washington State, where they’ll start zig-zagging down the West Coast. “We keep our plans flexible, focused on healthy living and sharing the message with as many people as possible,” adds Dr. Rojas. “Everyone we meet is really open.


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