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Serving Those Who Serve

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Summer 2017

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Palmer alum, UCF instructor grooms future D.C.s

Dr. Dan Warner at UCF.
Daniel Warner, D.C.

“The important task of building the next generation of chiropractors is in our hands,” says Daniel Warner, D.C., Florida ’08. A University of Central Florida (UCF) instructor in the sports and exercise program since 2013, Dr. Warner also owns Summit Chiropractic in Orlando, a five-star rated practice providing a full range of chiropractic care and massage therapy.

At UCF, Dr. Warner has taught kinesiology, biomechanics and injury prevention to future physical and occupational therapists, physical education teachers and chiropractors. In addition to treating patients and teaching at UCF, he prepares future chiropractors by providing shadowing opportunities in his office and free initial visits, where interested students receive a full review of chiropractic and its applications.

“In my experience as an athlete and in my training, I learned a lot about trigger points and reflexes and how injuries relate to body function and pain,” he says. “When students see what chiropractors do, they see how we’re in a position to help people alleviate pain, get stronger and function more normally. That’s what gets them excited about chiropractic as a career.”

This is where Dr. Dan Warner becomes a recruiter. Many of the students who show a serious interest in becoming a chiropractor join Dr. Warner’s “chiro club,” where he facilitates visits to chiropractic colleges and works with students to help them enroll. “I take this role seriously and see it as a way to give back to the college and to the field,” he says. “Of course, about 95 percent of those students end up at Palmer College.” He estimates he’s helped more than two dozen students enroll at the Florida campus over the last five years.

Dr. Warner cites the diversity of the curriculum, the evidenced-based approach and the ability to teach the triad of art, philosophy and science as making a degree from Palmer most prestigious. But there are other advantages. “It’s easier to recruit from personal experience, and of course being three miles from the beach doesn’t hurt,” he says.

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