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Serving Those Who Serve

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Summer 2017

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From Japan to The NFL: Dr. Tomo Harada

Once he became interested in chiropractic as a career, Tomo Harada, D.C., CCSP®, West ’10, knew he wanted to develop a sports-focused practice. Little did the Yokohama, Japan, native realize that he’d become a staff chiropractor for the San Francisco 49ers, whose home stadium is now just down the street from the Palmer West campus.
Tomo Harada, D.C., CCSP®

After working as an associate at SCORE Clinic in San Jose, owned by prominent sports chiropractor Ted Omura, West ’94, Dr. Harada opened his own practice, Zero to Hundred Sports Chiropractic in San Jose. His patients included members of the San Jose Earthquakes, the San Jose Sharks—and the San Francisco 49ers.

Dr. Harada developed such a rapport with the 49ers players in his care that they asked team management if a second chiropractor could be added to the sports care staff. Dr. Harada was appointed to the 49ers’ team of sports-care specialists in 2016.

“I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to have a sports-focused practice,” he says. “I searched for the best and highest-quality education in the chiropractic field. All the signs were pointing to Palmer’s West campus in California. It was a big step in my life. I left Japan, and moved to San Jose—and I’m glad I did.”

Dr. Harada says it’s no surprise many of the pro- football teams now have more than one chiropractor on their sports-care staffs. “I would say a large majority of the 49er players are receiving some form of chiropractic care.”

“Many players like to get adjusted before the game,” he says. “With 60 players on the team, it would be impossible for one chiropractor to serve all the players requesting care. Dr. Leahy and I work well with providing care for as many players as we can serve before kick-off.”

Dr. Harada is looking forward to the kick-off of his second season with the team. “I learned a lot during my first season, and am looking forward to this year. Sometimes it seems like a dream—and I’m very grateful.”

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