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Palmer Legacy Families

Palmer Legacy Families

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Winter 2018

message from the vice chancellor for advancement

Faculty and staff give back with a passion

Barbara Melbourne, J.D. Vice Chancellor for Advancement
profile of Barbara Melbourne

In the last issue of Insights, I talked about staff, faculty, students, alumni, and friends of Palmer being ambassadors for the College, and for the chiropractic profession. An example of how faculty and staff members are putting their passion for Palmer into action is the inaugural employee giving campaign.

In November 2017, the Davenport campus launched the first campaign of a College-wide initiative to promote faculty and staff philanthropy at Palmer through internal giving. All Palmer employees were encouraged to support Palmer’s mission of providing exceptional chiropractic education through charitable gifts.

During the campaign, students delivered buttons and handwritten thank-you cards to all faculty and staff who support Palmer. The faculty and staff shared stories of why they give back through face-to-face conversations with the students and on social media.

It made me so happy to see students connecting with their faculty and staff with a new perspective. I was also inspired by my own thank-you note from fifth trimester student Michael, who expressed his gratitude for my support of his chiropractic journey—he even said I was “the bee’s knees” for giving back!

You are all integral to future Palmer students’ success, and you are all leaders in philanthropy. Your generosity will positively influence students today and will change lives for generations to come. Thank you.

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