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Winter 2018

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Saving the world’s posture, one smartphone at a time

Drs. Walz and Huddleston pause for a photo in Seville, Spain, while traveling in Europe to promote Posture Protector.
woman and man sitting at outside table, holding their smart phones up

Did you know the average person looks at their cell phone more than 150 times per day? Have you ever watched your patients in the waiting room staring down at their cell phones or tried to educate your patients on proper posture while using their cell phones and tablets? A new mobile app, called Posture Protector,, created by two 2011 graduates of Palmer’s Florida campus, can help.

Chiropractors know the detrimental effects that long-term poor posture can have on the spine. Joshua Huddleston, D.C., and Nichole Walz, D.C., saw this firsthand after practicing in south Florida for three years and Singapore for two. “Every day we’d educate patients on proper posture while using their cell phones and tablets, only to look in our waiting room and see them slumped over their phones, further contributing to the problem. We knew we had to do something,” says Dr. Walz.

Posture Protector is designed to alert users by dimming their screen, vibrating or beeping (their choice) as they start to slouch while using their device. As their posture worsens, the screen grows darker, or the vibrating/beeping tone increases, forcing them to use proper posture. The app has a report card feature that allows users to track their progress over the previous day and month and even tracks the number of times they look at their phone. It also has a special feed section that Dr. Huddleston and Dr. Walz update weekly with anything from stretches, to exercises, to pillows or vitamins.

“We’re so excited to help as many people as possible with this app,” Dr. Walz says. “Posture Protector can benefit our fellow chiropractors, physical therapists and other alternative health-care professionals by helping their patients achieve better, long-term results.”

The two alumni met as students at the Florida campus. They were married in 2015 and are now traveling Europe to promote Posture Protector, which has been released in 52 countries.

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