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Palmer Legacy Families

Palmer Legacy Families

Palmer chiropractic keeps families together.
Winter 2018

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Mentors make the difference for the Meylor family

a portrait collage of the family

Dean Meylor, D.C., Davenport ’74, of Greensboro, N.C., credits family mentors from the previous generation with his family’s success and growth as chiropractors. Beginning with Dr. Dean Meylor’s uncles, Robert J. (Jay) Meylor, D.C., Davenport ’58, and Don Meylor, D.C., Davenport ’59, there are three generations of Meylor family chiropractors—which total 46.

Chiropractic was an important part of growing up. “It was really something to see my uncles Don and Jay have the respect of their peers in the community,” he says. “Every time we went out to eat at a restaurant, someone would approach one of them and pat him on the back or otherwise acknowledge the help he had given them through chiropractic.”

The influence of Drs. Robert J. Meylor, Davenport ’58, Allen Kennedy, Don Meylor, Davenport ’59, and Ramona Meylor Kennedy, Davenport ’61, was far-reaching, Dr. Dean adds. “They were responsible for our family following in their footsteps. If you could track all the chiropractors who went to Palmer as a direct result of their mentorship and all the patients they’ve helped, there’s no telling how many lives have been touched.”

Like other multi-generational Palmer chiropractic families, the Meylors are proud of their legacy—not just the chiropractors but their many patients, too. “We’re proud of every chiropractor in our family and all the patients they have helped,” Dr. Dean says. “Chiropractic is a way of life for us.”

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