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Palmer Legacy Families

Palmer Legacy Families

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Winter 2018

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Meet the team

CER team, left to right: Bill Riley, Sabrina Acosta, Tasha Rucker, Amanda McCullough, Justina Nasato and Kelan Ritchie.
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The College External Relations (CER) team has added three new members to better continue its mission of building relationships with prospective students, healthcare advisers and alumni across the country.

The main goal of the CER team continues to be promoting the profession and educating communities that know little about chiropractic and the value of a Palmer education. This is accomplished by coordinating prospective student events, meeting with college health-care advisers, and other enrollment initiatives.

Join us in welcoming…

Amanda McCullough is a Wisconsin native and resident and enjoys connecting with students and advisers in Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ontario Canada, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Justina Nasato resides in Dallas, Texas, where she has lived and worked in higher education for nine years. Justina meets with students and advisers in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma and Texas.

Kelan Ritchie is a native of the Quad Cities who lives in Rock Island, Ill. Since 1996 he’s helped more than 1,300 people become students at Palmer College. His primary territory includes Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Our new representatives join Tasha Rucker, director of College External Relations, and representatives Bill Riley (West Coast) and Sabrina Acosta (East Coast).

Join us! If you’re interested in attending a local travel event with us or hosting an open house for prospective students, please contact Tasha at tasha.rucker@

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