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Advancing chiropractic through philanthropy, service and leadership

Advancing chiropractic through philanthropy, service and leadership

Fall 2018

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Proud Alumnus Advancing Profession through Work, Gifts

Dr. DuMonthier enjoys connecting with future chiropractors in class on the West campus
Dr. DuMonthier in front of classroom

William DuMonthier D.C. (main campus, ‘79), graduated from the University of Washington in 1975 with a degree in Zoology. When he visited a chiropractor north of Seattle, Wash. and heard the history behind chiropractic and its origins with the Palmer family in Davenport, Iowa, he knew chiropractic was his next step.

The chiropractor I visited was very enthusiastic about the profession,” says William DuMonthier, D.C. “He loved the work he did and was very excited about the philosophy of chiropractic, which got me excited. He gave a solid recommendation and I decided [Palmer] was the best place for me.”

Dr. DuMonthier remembers the unity he felt when he arrived in the mid-70s on the main campus in Davenport. Everyone was there with the singular purpose of becoming chiropractors, to provide the care needed to help people get well.

“I felt I had arrived at exactly the right place.”

After graduation, DuMonthier stayed close to Palmer. He went into a postgraduation program on the main campus. As part of the then newly developed Clinical Teaching Residency, DuMonthier worked in a variety of departments such as radiology and diagnosis, technique, and the student clinic.

Now, 36 years later, DuMonthier is a seasoned, beloved faculty member at the Palmer West campus in San Jose, Calif. He’s seen first-hand the positive impact a high-quality chiropractic education has on students and believes the contributions of the alumni over the years have improved the College and the whole profession.

“We have a beautiful facility here in the Bay area, and we graduate highly confident doctors of chiropractic, which enhances the quality of the profession.”

DuMonthier is a member of the Palmer Annual Giving Society at the Founder’s Circle level and hopes fellow alumni will join him in giving back.

“It’s the opportunity to contribute back to the College in an additional, meaningful way. It makes me proud to be an alumnus of Palmer College.”

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