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Advancing chiropractic through philanthropy, service and leadership

Advancing chiropractic through philanthropy, service and leadership

Fall 2018

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Chiropractic History Inspires West Alumna to Give to the Future

Dr. Matityahu, with her father Arne Christensen, D.C. (main campus, ’68), son Chase Matityahu, and brother Mark Christensen, D.C., at the Clinic Gardens fountain dedicated on Aug. 9, 2018 to Dr. Arne Christensen on the main campus in Davenport, Iowa.
Dr. Matityahu and family standing in front of a fountain

"I consider myself a product of chiropractic," says Charlotte Matityahu, D.C. (West campus, '93) "Like the stickers we see on produce that proudly state: 'Product of Washington' or 'Made in the USA,' I should be wearing at least a T-shirt that reads 'Chiropractic-Infused.'

"My grandparents, Drs. Svend and Helene Nielsen, both graduated from the main campus in 1938. My parents traveled from Denmark to Davenport, Iowa on their honeymoon so my father could attend Palmer (I"m not sure it would be considered a honeymoon destination by today"s standards, but for my parents this was it!). I was born in Davenport, the mecca of chiropractic both past and present.

"My dad tells me I had my first adjustment at three weeks old by Dr. Virgil Strang, and most likely had my baby spine palpated by the student body of eager Scandinavians who roamed the halls of Palmer during the '60s and '70s. I grew up in a chiropractic house-hold, where the first sign of a cold, an earache or a kink in an ankle would warrant the same approach… motion palpation followed by an adjustment. I apparently asked my father at some point what other kids did when they got sick and didn't have a parent who was a chiropractor – I felt this was a great injustice for those who were less fortunate than I.

"From watching my father at work over the years I learned there is always a big battle somewhere that needs tackling and you better go find it! Donating to the Fountainhead, the alma matter of my grandparents and my father, is an honor and privilege. It's a way to give back to the Palmer family and their principles from which we have all greatly benefitted; to make sure the future includes chiropractic as a way of life for all.

"My brother and I both decided to become chiropractors (our other brother chose to be an engineer), and though I"m not currently practicing in a formal setting I still live a chiropractic-principled life. I'm proud to say I've lived a life so far that has been mostly 'well adjusted.'"

Dr. Matityahu has established the Drs. Svend and Helen Nielsen Memorial Endowed Scholarship & named a fountain in the Clinic Gardens for her father. She is a proud member of the Sterling Lifetime Giving Society.

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