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Caring for Heroes

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Spring 2019

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WEST GRADUATE establishes first chiropractic clinic at Canadian college

For Rajesh Doobay, D.C. (West, ’02), the opening of the Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre in May 2018 was the culmination of three years of dedicated work.

Located on the University of Regina campus in Saskatchewan, Canada, the Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre is the first chiropractic-dedicated facility on a college campus in Canada and it has already been widely received by patients and colleagues.

Dr. Doobay outside his clinic at the University of Regina medical center in Saskatchewan, Canada
Dr. Doobay standing outside his clinic

“My current patients, as well as those who’ve been released from care, have expressed satisfaction with the care they’ve received and the positive results they’ve achieved,” said Dr. Doobay, a former Palmer West faculty member. Dr. Doobay gained multidisciplinary experience working with Amy Bowzaylo, D.C. (West ’96), at the Saad Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia (2009-2015).

The Clinic has also become an asset to the other doctors in the medical center.

“On my first day, several other doctors stepped into my treatment room and asked about what I do. On my second day, the orthopedic surgeon referred patients to me.”

“I’ve broken month-over-month records in patient referrals from the other doctors in the medical center, including an orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, and other M.D.s, for musculoskeletal complaints. By referring these patients to me, they avoid prescribing opioids for pain-relief,” noted Dr. Doobay.

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