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Caring for Heroes

Caring for Heroes

Palmer Graduates Answer Call to Serve
Spring 2019

Alumni News

BRIAN DAHMER, D.C. – Florida Campus Preceptor

FIRST ROW: Laura Elingham, CCPA; Laura Lalas, LMT; Brandy Homan, CCPA; Kerry Gardner, CCPA; Patricia Nelson; Cyndi Desmone. SECOND ROW: Zackery Wynn, D.C. (Florida, ’17); Mikayla Miller; Robert Del Grosso, D.C.; Angela Moore, LMT; Joanne Rodriguez; Brian Dahmer, D.C. (Main, ’04); Kealian Salas, LMT; Anish Patel, D.C. (Florida, ’10).
Brian Dahmer, D.C. with other doctors and staff

Caring for those around him and sharing the philosophy of chiropractic runs in the family for Brian Dahmer, D.C. (Main, ’04). His father, David Dahmer, D.C., has practiced in Brooksville and Port Richey, Florida for 38 years. Growing up, Dr. Dahmer watched his father as he cared for patients and taught them about chiropractic. After exploring other career options in school, Dr. Dahmer says his mind returned again and again to chiropractic.

“I kept coming back to the philosophy of innate intelligence. I wanted to avoid simply treating symptoms and covering up problems. Our bodies are designed to heal. I wanted to give people the chance to live healthy lives through chiropractic,” said Dr. Dahmer.

Dr. Dahmer has served as a preceptor for students at Palmer Florida since 2009. Preceptorship is an optional externship for students at the end of their educational journeys with Palmer College. Once qualified, a student has the opportunity to spend a trimester or quarter working side-by-side with a vetted and experienced chiropractor. After being in practice for 14 years, Dr. Dahmer feels it’s important both to give back as a mentor to future chiropractors and to learn from students who bring new energy to a practice through their dedication to the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic.

“I feel more connected with Palmer talking to current students. The most rewarding experience is watching the students put it all together and helping them apply everything they’ve learned in a practical setting.”

Dr. Dahmer says the benefit of working with new potential doctors who he can coach through the transition from student to practitioner has been very rewarding. He’s hired two of the students who completed preceptorships in his practice, one for a newly-opened office. He hopes other Palmer alumni will consider applying to serve as a mentor or preceptor for future chiropractors.

"I want to give back to our profession. I enjoy teaching and mentoring – it gives me more of a purpose and I can make sure we have doctors coming out into practice who have confidence in what they do."

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