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Caring for Heroes

Caring for Heroes

Palmer Graduates Answer Call to Serve
Spring 2019

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Caring for People from Eight to 80

Martin Booth, D.C. portrait

Martin Booth, D.C. (Florida, ’15) has held many roles that serve those around him: firefighter, educator, and now chiropractor. Like many chiropractors he knows, his journey began with an injury that took him to a profession that allows him to care for people every day.

“I was a firefighter and training as a competitive athlete, and one day I just woke up with pain down my leg and in my lower back," says Dr. Booth. “I went to the doctor, received medicine and anti-inflammatories, and nothing was working. Finally, a friend recommended I try a chiropractor, to which I said, ‘What is that going to do?’”

His question was answered in just one visit and he was hooked.

"She relieved my pain in one visit. Originally, I was planning to go back to school to become an obstetrician, and one experience with a chiropractor changed my entire course,” said Dr. Booth. “I ended up choosing Palmer because it felt like home. If I was going to pursue this career, I knew this was the school to do it at.

"The curriculum at Palmer gave me the skills to treat patients, and the extracurricular activities prepared me to start a practice," he said. “I had an established network as a firefighter and educator, and while at Palmer I was involved in PSAF, student council, and as a student guide. All of this helped grow my network and prepared me to start my practice.”

Dr. Booth opened his practice three years ago, and now cares for people from age eight to 80.

"We as chiropractors get to care for people the way few other people do. That’s a special thing about being a chiropractor," he said.

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