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Spring 2019

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Congratulations to 2018 Inductees in the PALMER ACADEMY OF CHIROPRACTIC

Cynthia Shaft-Toll, Virginia Barber and Chad Burt accepting their Fellows award at Palmer Main Homecoming. (Not pictured) Lance Armstrong, who was inducted at Florida Campus’ December 2018 graduation ceremony.
Three doctors holding up the Fellows awards

In 1963, David D. Palmer, D.C. established the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic (P.A.C.) to formally recognize outstanding supporters of Palmer College. Founded on four principles: leadership, recruitment, philanthropy and service, selected individuals are awarded fellowship in the P.A.C. for showing extraordinary dedication to Palmer College.

Fellowships are awarded each year to outstanding individuals who exemplify the four principles. Campus presidents, the chancellor, and current fellows have the opportunity to nominate their peers, and a selection committee evaluates nominees on their experience and accomplishments in the areas of the four principles. Honor is bestowed on those select few who embody these principles. Being named a fellow is one of the most prestigious awards given to a Palmer graduate or friend of the College.

In 2018, four new members were inducted as Fellows in the P.A.C. – Orland “Lance” Armstrong, D.C. (Main Campus, ’96); Virginia Barber, D.C. (Main Campus, ’90); Chad Burt, D.C., CCSP (Main Campus, ’01); and Cynthia Shaft-Toll, D.C. (Main Campus, ’81).

“Being named a fellow in the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic means that some of the very doctors who taught me as a student feel that I’ve succeeded. As a fellow, I hope to further empower young chiropractors to believe in themselves, to help as many patients as they can, and to remember where they received the education which will make them who they are as doctors: Palmer College,” says Dr. Virginia Barber.

Today, more than 300 alumni and friends of the College have been inducted as fellows, and Dr. Armstrong hopes their leadership continues to influence and inspire others around them. “It’s important to give back to Palmer for three reasons — where this profession has come from, where we are today and our future. We cannot forget those D.C.’s jailed for chiropractic care. We have come a long way in research, philosophy and technique and we need to protect our future. We need to assist this effort and help new doctors to carry the torch.”

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