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Winter/Spring 2007

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C.T. graduates add value to the practices they serve

These days, more chiropractors are seeking graduates of Palmer’s Chiropractic Technology (C.T.) program than the program can supply. “Usually, the people who refer an individual plan on hiring that person after they graduate,” said Lisa Gisel, Associate of Science in Chiropractic Technology admissions representative and placement coordinator.

“I was already enrolled in the Palmer D.C. program when I referred my friend,” said Mark Morningstar II, D.C., Davenport ’02, who hired Darin Weeks, C.T., ’01, to assist with his practice.

The C.T. program encompasses all front and back office training for chiropractic practices, with the exception of performing adjustments and conducting reports of findings. Students also take a chiropractic philosophy and history course, and must complete 120 hours of unpaid externship in a chiropractic practice.

“The main thing D.C.s need to know is that we are coming to them already trained,” said Mr. Weeks, who joined Dr. Morningstar’s clinic in 2002. “We can walk into their office and start right up.”

Graduates of the C.T. program sit for the American Chiropractic Radiographic Registered Technologist (ACRRT) exam, which upon successful completion, allows them to take X-rays in approximately 30 states. In 15 other states, graduates are required to pass state-administered exams similar to the ACRRT exam.

“I would recommend a new graduate who decides to open his or her own office to get a C.T. from Palmer,” said Dr. Morningstar. “They can step right into the office from day one and take X-rays, supervise patient rehabilitation and perform financial consultations with patients.” To refer a student to the C.T. program, call Lisa Gisel at (563) 884-5743 or e-mail her at

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