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Winter/Spring 2007


Konovalov brings chiropractic to St. Petersburg, Russia

Palmer graduate Dr. Alexandre Konovalov, in downtown St. Petersburg, Russia, where he opened its first chiropractic clinic in September 2006.
Dr. Alexandre Konovalov with the Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood in the distance

There was a time when there was no place to go for chiropractic care in Russia’s second largest city, St. Petersburg. That was until September of 2006, when 2004 Davenport Campus graduate Alexandre Konovalov, D.C., became the first person to provide chiropractic care as part of a groundbreaking program to give chiropractic a foothold in Russia.

Dr. Konovalov, a native of nearby Moldova, a former Soviet republic, first became involved in the program in 2005 when he visited St. Petersburg to meet with a group of Russians and Americans, including medical doctors from one of the city’s largest hospitals, St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Among the Americans present was Sherry Durrett, D.C., L.C.P. (Hon.), who has been working to establish chiropractic in Russia since 2004 (see PCC Alumni News, April-June ’05). She ultimately chose Dr. Konovalov, a 2005 Davenport Campus graduate, to become St. Petersburg’s first chiropractor.

In May 2006, Dr. Konovalov visited St. Petersburg again, this time meeting with Americans Dr. Durrett and Michael Tetrault, D.C., and Russians Boris Taits, M.D., and Alexandre Taits, M.D., both from St. Elizabeth Hospital. In one week, this group and representatives of St. Petersburg’s Public Health Committee, ironed out the details of Dr. Konovalov’s new position, including having his Palmer diploma and transcripts translated into Russian. They also began the setup of the first chiropractic practice there.

Months later, the waiting was over when Dr. Konovalov officially became able to treat patients in his practice for the first time in September 2006. You can contact Dr. Konovalov at To help with this project, contact Dr. Durrett at

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