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Team Players

Team Players

Palmer alumni are helping a variety of athletes achieve their personal best
Summer 2007

a message from Dr. Burt

Dr. Burt

When you look at the growth and development that’s taken place at Palmer College in the past few years, it’s clear there’s never been a prouder time to be a graduate of Palmer or a more exciting time to attend one of its campuses.

Take the new Palmer Center for Business Development—Destination Success. It’s being developed to help alumni and students reach their fullest potential by matching alumni with like-minded students, by providing a resource for the best in practice management software and by offering comprehensive practice success workshops and seminars.

While the center will be located on the Davenport Campus, students on all three campuses and alumni from around the world will have access to many of its services through Palmer’s website, multi-campus speakers and other program opportunities. The program’s concept was initiated by students then developed with their assistance by the College. At the program’s inaugural event, which is covered on page 16, one student commented, “Thank you for making this available for us students. It makes me proud to be at this school.” The fact is it’s Palmer College that is proud of its students and alumni.

Along with contributing forward-thinking ideas like Destination Success, our students are also making a difference in the communities that surround our campuses. You can learn about their achievements on the next page. Insights is also highlighting two esteemed alumni who, likewise, have gained a reputation for giving back to their community and to Palmer—Willard D. Smith, D.C., and John G. Donovan, D.C.

Palmer graduates are making their mark in the sports community, too. Check out the features section to see how our alumni have become key players in the success of top athletes. Plus, as graduates of the College where chiropractic was first taught, we can be especially proud of how chiropractic continues to be implemented within the healthcare profession. Open a copy of the Mayo Clinic’s “Guide to Alternative Medicine 2007” and you’ll find chiropractic featured in the “Hands-on Therapies” chapter.

Prospective students are also showing a measurable interest in chiropractic and Palmer College. While the Davenport Campus witnessed a 15 percent increase over enrollment projections for its upcoming Fall Trimester, the West Campus recently enrolled 40 percent more students than expected for its 2007 Spring Quarter, and the Florida Campus maintained its one-year enrollment waiting list.

Just as importantly, recently the Council on Chiropractic Education gave its stamp of approval to Palmer College by reaffirming its accreditation of all three Palmer campuses, simultaneously. Such approval confirms what our proud Palmer students and graduates already know—that Palmer is dedicated to consistently providing the highest-quality chiropractic education available.

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