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Leading Ladies

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Fall 2007

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Key renovations made to West Campus

West Campus Instructor Tammi Clark, D.C., West ’94, speaks to students in one of the six new West Campus classrooms with windows.
Dr. Tammi Clark lectures in new classroom

Thanks to the hard work of its Institutional Support department, the West Campus has recently undergone extensive renovations that are beneficial not only to students, faculty and staff, but to the patients who visit its refurbished clinic.

For much of its history, the current campus had only two classrooms with windows. Now, with renovations made over the spring and summer recesses, the facility has a total of six classrooms with windows.

“Due to facility limitations, the only remaining space that was available to create new classrooms with windows was in the area occupied by the student clinic,” said West Campus Dean of Academic Affairs Thomas Souza, D.C. “It made sense to make this space available for lecture classes.”

During the Spring Recess, two rooms that had previously housed the student clinic and contained windows were converted into lecture classrooms. Further renovations were then completed over the Summer Recess when two more classrooms with windows were added in the area previously occupied by the Research Lab, which has been relocated to the second floor.

“The first phase of this renovation project required a complex coordination of schedules and people,” Dr. Souza said. “The College would like to acknowledge Director of Institutional Support Scott Tonnesen, for his management and leadership in this project, and Facilities Manager Jorge Tamayo, for his tireless participation. We extend our appreciation to all of the individuals who assisted them in this wonderful change to the West Campus environment.”

Along with new “rooms with a view,” students are benefiting from improvements to the student clinic. Double doors and an observation window were added between two rooms to enhance the clinical experience. Student interns can also take advantage of an expanded intern work area with electrical outlets for laptop computers.

The Clinic—which is a consolidation of the previous campus clinic and the Benton Clinic—has also been improved with new carpeting and an expanded X-ray room in preparation for the new digital radiology equipment which is due to be installed in the Fall Quarter.

Among other improvements, the research area has been expanded, an exercise rehabilitation room has been added and a new videoconference room has been created with a plasma screen display.

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