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Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies

Palmer continues its tradition of preparing women leaders in chiropractic
Fall 2007


Academic Health Center in Pisciottano Hall dedicated

Speakers and guests cutting the ribbon at the AHC dedication include, from left, Alison Hart, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, Dr. Laurel Gretz-Pisciottano, Vickie Palmer, Larry Patten, James Leonette, Valarie Morrow, Dr. Ron Boesch, Dr. Kurt Wood and Dr. Donald P. Kern.
Speakers and guests cutting ribbon to AHC

The theme for this year’s Davenport Campus Homecoming was “Look Inside” and hundreds did just that as they toured the Palmer College of Chiropractic Academic Health Center (AHC) in Pisciottano Hall and attended its dedication. The building’s ribbon- cutting ceremony was held Friday, Aug. 10, and was emceed by Vice Chancellor for Academics Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Davenport ’95.

One of the event’s speakers, AHC Faculty Clinician Ron Boesch, D.C., Davenport ’91, spoke to the crowd about what the new facility means to the College and especially the faculty, saying, “This new facility definitely shows the continued commitment to the faculty, students and the profession. Together, the College and faculty are setting the standards of care, and this facility brings the latest technologies and research to our fingertips so we can do that.”

Staff member Valarie Morrow added, “I am so pleased to be part of this wonderful journey taking place. Not only is this a great journey of endeavor for staff, faculty and students, but for our patients because, after all, the patients are the most important part of this.”

Maurice Pisciottano, D.C., and his wife, Laurel Gretz-Pisciottano, D.C., both Davenport ’89, were the largest alumni contributors and thus namesakes of the building. “I was excited to be a part of this project from the beginning because it represents the future of chiropractic,” said Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, one of the afternoon’s speakers. “The number of people who will be impacted by the students who learn here will number in the hundreds of millions and eventually the billions.”

Other speakers at the ceremony included Davenport Campus President Donald P. Kern, Davenport ’58, Executive Dean for Clinic Affairs Kurt Wood, D.C., Davenport ’79, Davenport Campus Student Council President James Leonette, Chancellor Larry Patten and Palmer Board of Trustees Chairman Vickie A. Palmer. The invocation for the occasion was given by Anita Bigo, D.C., Davenport ’56.

At the end of the ceremony, the speakers as well as Alison Hart, representing Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), and Dr. Laurel Gretz-Pisciottano, cut the ceremonial ribbon. Guests then went inside the building, where various rooms were dedicated with individual ribbon-cutting ceremonies. A total of 63 rooms have been named thus far by individual donors and groups who made donations of $25,000 and above. A dinner was held Friday to thank the capital campaign contributors who made the building a reality.

Additions to alumni association announced

Executive Director for Alumni Dr. Mickey Burt describes components of the new alumni association during the Davenport Campus Homecoming.
Dr. Burt speaking at Lyceum Hall

“By working together, it’s amazing what we can accomplish,” said Executive Director for Alumni Mickey Burt, D.C., Davenport ’73, as he announced new components of the Palmer College of Chiropractic Alumni Association. His presentation followed the Aug. 9 general session in the Lyceum Hall Auditorium.

In his remarks, Dr. Burt described how the Alumni Office had conducted more than two years of research on the alumni associations of more than 100 colleges throughout the U.S., in consultation with the Consortium for the Advancement and Support of Education.

A key finding of this research was that most of the small college alumni associations studied were administered and funded by the colleges they represented. Without having to worry about the costs associated with maintaining an alumni association, these associations didn’t have to charge dues or raise funds to pay administrative costs.

In keeping with this trend, Dr. Burt announced that enrollment in the College’s association would continue to be automatic and dues-free to all alumni, just as it has been since it was originally formed in 2005. New to the alumni association are provisions for a board of directors and a variety of advisory groups.

“The Board and advisory groups will be diverse in nature, including men and women, people from all over the world, graduates from all three campuses and alumni in different stages of their development—from those just starting practice to those leaving practice,” said Dr. Burt.

Accomplishments celebrated at 25- and 50-year reunions

Members of the Davenport Campus Class of 1957, along with Davenport Campus President Dr. Donald Kern, bottom row, center, and Palmer Board of Trustees Chairman Vickie Palmer, sixth from right, take in the 50-year Reunion Brunch in Lyceum Hall.
Davenport campus class of 1957

More than a hundred guests gathered in Lyceum Hall’s Gothic Room during Homecoming to celebrate the achievements of the 25-year graduates of Palmer’s Davenport Campus. Among those in attendance were Davenport Campus President Donald Kern, D.C., and Palmer Board of Trustees Chairman Vickie A. Palmer. Karla Buckrop, D.C., Davenport ’82, gave the invocation and the event was emceed by Hossein Hamadanchi, D.C., Davenport ’82.

The late Allen Hobbs, D.C., who passed away last year, was remembered by his wife, Evelyn Hobbs. She and her children presented two scholarships in her husband’s name totaling more than $4,700 that was raised by the Class of 1982. Senior Development Officer Lois Kundel then announced that during the recently completed capital campaign, the Class of 1982 had pledged in excess of $31,000, entitling them to have an AHC room named after their class.

On Aug. 10, the Fellows Room in Lyceum Hall was host to the 50-Year Reunion Brunch. Dr. Kern emceed the gathering and Harold T. Barnes, D.C., Davenport ’57, gave the invocation and shared his memories with the 70 in attendance.

“After listening to the comments and conversations of the graduates who attended both reunions, I’m amazed at the accomplishments that have been made by these individuals,” said Dr. Burt.

Women’s Mentorship Group Breakfast premiers

New to this year’s Homecoming was the Women’s Mentorship Group Breakfast on Aug. 9. It focused on women’s roles in the chiropractic profession. Alumni, faculty, staff and students shared their experiences and unique challenges of being female chiropractors as well as the importance of being a mentor.

Executive Director for the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research Christine Choate, D.C., organized the breakfast along with Research Project Coordinator Lori Byrd-Spencer. According to Dr. Choate, the group was formed to help support female Palmer students and graduates take top positions within chiropractic.

“Although the number of women in the profession is increasing,” said Dr. Choate, “we still are not seeing many women in leadership roles, either in chiropractic academics or policy-related positions. We are planning to start a program to mentor women doctors, and this meeting was the first step toward that goal.”

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