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Making a world of difference

Making a world of difference

Palmer’s Clinic Abroad Program brings chiropractic care to those in need
Winter/Spring 2008

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West Campus


Dr. Manfred Alkhas, ’90, San Jose, Calif., recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of his practice, Good Life Chiropractic. He has also earned a master’s degree in divinity. Phone: (405) 265-2868, e-mail:

Dr. Mehdi Moossavi

After joining the San Francisco AIDS Foundation in 2007, Mehdi Moossavi, D.C., West ’92, made a commitment to raise money for the organization by training for and then running the Florence Marathon in Italy, Nov. 26. To date he has raised $3,310 toward his $5,000 goal.

Dr. Faranak Dadfarmay, ’93, recently obtained his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. Dr. Dadfarmay is currently the vice president of Alternative and Preventive Medicine Research Center in Dallas, Texas. E-mail:

Dr. Richard Visser, ’93, Oranjestad, Aruba, wrote an article titled “Dietary Habits in the Caribbean Basin and Central and South America” which was published in the Revista Cubana de Alimentación y Nutrición. Phone: (323) 937-9990, e-mail:

Dr. Patrick Ryan, ’95, Fresno, Calif., had a son, Flynn Michael, on Aug. 1, 2007. Dr. Ryan recently opened a sports performance center with two other chiropractors, a medical doctor and a physical therapist. E-mail:

Dr. Karen Cain, ’97, Denver, Colo., was married in May 2007. Phone: (303) 399-2447, e-mail: drkcain@

Dr. Allan Sidorsky, ’97, and his wife, Amanda, had a daughter, Emmalea, on March 27, 2007. Phone: (407) 359-0047, e-mail: alsidorsky@


Dr. Jerry Mendez, ’05, Maywood, N.J., was married on March 10, 2006. Dr. Mendez opened his own practice in April 2006.

Dr. Kellee Rutley, ’05, opened Rutley Family Chiropractic in Kings Beach, Calif. Phone: (530) 546- 5190, e-mail:

Dr. Joshua Ritter, ’06, and his father, Dr. Kenneth Ritter, Davenport, ’81, Fresno, Calif., recently celebrated their first year together in practice. Phone: (559) 432-3332, e-mail: ritterchiropractic@

Made any "adjustments" lately?

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