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Making a world of difference

Making a world of difference

Palmer’s Clinic Abroad Program brings chiropractic care to those in need
Winter/Spring 2008


Alumna finds Clinic Abroad rewarding as a student and a doctor

As a student, Cleya Williams adjusted many patients during her 2006 Clinic Abroad trip to Morocco.
Cleya Williams palpating patient

As a clinic intern on Palmer’s Florida Campus, Cleya Williams, D.C., Florida ’06, participated in a Clinic Abroad Program (CAP) trip to Morocco in February and March 2006, where she found the guidance from the doctors to be very beneficial. “I had awesome clinic doctors that really assisted me and the other interns with adjusting and recommendations,” she said. “I was able to improve my adjusting as well as patient management skills.”

She repaid the favor by participating as a doctor of chiropractic in a CAP trip to Bahia, Brazil, in October 2007. “As a clinician who had been a student not too long before, I had an advantage because I knew what some of the interns lacked,” she said.

“I gained the respect of the interns by allowing them to show me what they could do and the things they had not perfected and took that as an opportunity to give them some beneficial pointers. I gained their respect by helping them and they were comfortable with asking me questions. In a week’s time I saw interns blossom into doctors ready to serve.”

Improving adjusting and patient management skills are not the only benefits of participating in a CAP trip, added Dr. Williams, who currently practices in Charlotte, N.C.

“I had the chance as a student to experience another culture and way of life,” she said. “We went there to provide health care to people who may not have the opportunity to see a doctor for a while, perhaps even a whole year. I gained respect for other cultures and societies as well as an appreciation for what I have.”

She encourages alumni to become involved in CAP trips to provide a service to Palmer as well as future doctors, and also for professional networking. “We all needed some direction while in school to mold us into who we are,” she said.

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