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Making a world of difference

Making a world of difference

Palmer’s Clinic Abroad Program brings chiropractic care to those in need
Winter/Spring 2008


Package deal: Couple sign up for two Clinic Abroad trips

Drs. William Corvino and Theresa Whitney in Hyderabad, India, during a 2006 Clinic Abroad trip.
Dr. William Corvino and Theresa Whitney

It wasn’t hard for William Corvino, D.C., West ’99, to decide to go on the 2006 Clinic Abroad trip to India. His wife, Theresa Whitney, D.C., West ’95, had participated in a Clinic Abroad trip to Brazil the year before. “Her stories and pictures piqued my interest, and I decided to apply to become a field doctor and teacher in the program,” he said.

Dr. Whitney, a part-time West Campus assistant professor, got involved with the program herself after being personally contacted by the Clinic Abroad Program (CAP) office. “I had been contemplating the idea of attending a CAP visit and this invitation was what I needed to take the leap,” said Dr. Whitney. “Am I ever glad I did!”

The couple, who share a practice in Sunnyvale, Calif., have since participated in their second Clinic Abroad trip together, this time to Madagascar, an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa.

“We love to travel, love the work we do, love to teach and love to experience new cultures,” said Dr. Whitney. “Who better to do this with than your good friend and spouse?”

As CAP clinicians, the couple facilitated students in their adjusting and clinical skill development while witnessing the positive affects their students’ care had on patients. Dr. Whitney, for example, recalled a patient in Brazil named Miguel. He initially presented with minimal shoulder movement when he met with intern Stacy Stadnick, who graduated from the Davenport Campus in 2006. Later, when the team was making a donation to a daycare center, Dr. Whitney saw Miguel again.

“It so happened that Miguel worked as a janitor at this facility and when he saw our bus arrive, he ran out with tears in his eyes, calling for Stacy, his arm freely moving in all ranges of motion,” said Dr. Whitney. “He wanted to thank Stacy for completely improving and changing his life.”

Dr. Corvino had observations of his own. “The children, sometimes with congenital conditions, are the ones that impact me the most,” he said. “The way their faces light up after an adjustment is always a treat to see.”

Along with stories of grateful patients, Drs. Whitney and Corvino have other fond memories of their trips.

“We travel with a fantastic group of students who are dedicated to their school and profession, and to humanitarianism,” said Dr. Whitney. “Our profession is being well-represented around the world through the efforts of these interns and CAP.”

The couple also has advice for other alumni who might be considering going on a Clinic Abroad trip.

“Be brave and give it a try!” said Dr. Whitney. “At first it may seem almost overwhelming with the responsibilities that are involved, but you are well prepared after taking the pre-departure sessions.”

Added Dr. Corvino, “Sacrificing the time away from your practice is worth every minute of the experience to help others less fortunate and to share chiropractic around the world.”

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