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Making a world of difference

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Winter/Spring 2008

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Bone and Joint Decade Task Force report on neck pain published

A special supplement to the journal Spine, published in January 2008, documents the results of a unique project, The Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Associated Disorders. This multidisciplinary, international task force, of which Palmer College is a member, was formed in 2000, and is led by Palmer alumnus Scott Haldeman, D.C., Ph.D., M.D., Davenport ’64. Committee members were based in nine countries and represented 14 different clinical and scientific disciplines.

In addition to a systematic review and analysis of the vast literature in this field as well as a best evidence synthesis, a collection of original research projects were conducted, “resulting in a number of intriguing and significant findings,” said Palmer’s Executive Director for Research Christine Goertz Choate, D.C., Ph.D. “One of these was a major new study on the risk of stroke following manipulation of the neck, which reinforces the safety of chiropractic care for people with neck pain.” Led by David Cassidy, D.C., Ph.D., and titled “Risk of Vertebrobasilar Stroke and Chiropractic Care, Results of a Population-based Case-Control and Case- Crossover Study,” this report concluded that patients are no more at risk of having a rare type of stroke after visiting a chiropractor than they are after visiting an M.D.

For more details on the task force report and its significant research findings, go to the Palmer website news page at

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