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Making a world of difference

Making a world of difference

Palmer’s Clinic Abroad Program brings chiropractic care to those in need
Winter/Spring 2008

off campus

Davenport Campus in Korean documentary

From left, intern Sangjun Baek, staff doctor Casey Crisp, D.C., Davenport ’97, and Pan Jung Koo, work together on a portion of a documentary Mr. Koo is producing for a Korean TV network.
Sangjun Baek and Dr. Casey Crisp listening to Pan Jung Koo

A television producer from MBC-TV in Seoul, Korea, and a recent Palmer graduate from Korea who practices in Atlanta visited the Davenport Campus Oct. 3-8. Their mission was to interview faculty, staff, students and patients for a documentary on posture and the biomechanics of the spine that was recently aired nationally in Korea. Producer Pan Jung Koo and consultant Young Choi, D.C., Davenport ’07, filmed in classrooms, the Academic Health Center, the Research Center and other parts of campus, and interviewed nearly 20 people. “Currently, chiropractors in Korea are required to provide care under the supervision of a medical doctor,” said Dr. Choi. “It is my hope that this production will advance chiropractic in Korea as a scientific, credible and beneficial healthcare discipline.” Media Relations Manager Lori Leipold coordinated the interview schedule and accompanied Dr. Choi and Mr. Koo during their visit. “Everyone at Palmer participated enthusiastically in this important project,” she said. “This production has the potential to positively impact the future of chiropractic in Korea for years to come.”

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