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Reach out. Re-energize. Recruit.

Reach out. Re-energize. Recruit.

Alumni are using tried, true and new methods to bring students to Palmer
Winter/Spring 2009

a message from Dr. Burt

Recruiting touches many lives

Dr. Burt

Do you remember the first time you knew you wanted to be a chiropractor? You may have witnessed the benefits of chiropractic and thought it would be wonderful to be involved in a natural, drug-free method of health care. Or maybe your life was turned around by chiropractic after you had a serious injury or long-term illness.

When I was in my teens, during a visit to my chiropractor, he asked me what I was planning to do after high school. I told him I wanted to go to college and eventually do something that would help people and make a difference.

My chiropractor then said, “Have you ever considered chiropractic?” To be honest, it hadn’t crossed my mind. But that simple question got me thinking and would add focus to my career plans, and lead me to a profession that is well-known for helping people and making a difference in the world.

In this issue of Insights, we’re focusing on alumni who, like my first chiropractor, are demonstrating to others how chiropractic can be a very rewarding career and ultimately encouraging them to pursue their chiropractic education at Palmer College. Often, individuals who stand out as promising candidates for a D.C. degree are those who have an interest in biology or physics, or simply have a desire to make others feel better.

Turn to our features section in the middle of the magazine, and you’ll learn about graduates from all three Palmer campuses who have each developed their own innovative styles and techniques for recruiting students to Palmer—whether to become D.C.s, C.T.s or C.A.s. There’s also a write-up on what the College itself is doing to draw students to Davenport, San Jose and Port Orange.

The Alumni Advisory Group, which first emerged at Homecoming on the Davenport Campus last August, has already begun brainstorming ways that the College can inform alumni about how to recruit students. Their ideas include having recruiter training materials; developing DVDs, PowerPoint presentations and other materials for prospective students and career advisors; and a standard recruiting message for all alumni to use.

What I often hear from alumni who refer students is that they get a tremendous amount of joy watching the people they’ve sent to Palmer become D.C.s and then talk about all of the things they’ve been able to do for their patients. That’s when they realize they’ve indirectly touched the lives of people whom they will never meet. And that’s the most important reason for sending the best students to the best chiropractic college.

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