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Reach out. Re-energize. Recruit.

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Winter/Spring 2009

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‘Super Size Me’ star opens Symposium

During the community event that preceded the Continuing Education symposium, Morgan Spurlock expanded on the topics covered in “Super Size Me” and offered audience members some of the healthy foods ARAMARK Executive Chef Greg Simmons had prepared on-stage.
Morgan Spurlock holding plate of food on stage

Morgan Spurlock, the Academy Award-nominated director who made the 2004 documentary “Super Size Me,” was the keynote speaker at the 6th Annual Symposium on Nutrition and Chiropractic, “Conquering the Obesity Epidemic.”

Mr. Spurlock started off the weekend on Sept. 19, by speaking at an event that was open to the public on diet and nutrition. He followed a presentation by Davenport Campus Physiology/ Biology Instructor Lia Nightingale, Ph.D., on whole foods versus processed foods.

As he did in “Super Size Me,” Mr. Spurlock used humor to illustrate the risks of eating only fast food to the audience. He said he chose to eat three meals a day for a month at McDonald’s because of the restaurant’s global influence.

But the director noted that other fast food restaurants have been just as likely to feature unhealthy foods served up in unrealistically large portions. Mr. Spurlock then went on to note that if one were to have an appetizer, soft drink, entrée and dessert at a popular steakhouse chain, the total number of calories would easily total between 3,500 to 5,000 calories.

On Sept. 20, the two-day Continuing Education license renewal program began. Contributors included Dr. Nightingale with “Childhood Obesity;” West Campus Instructor Susan St. Claire, D.C., with “Obesity in Adults: Evidence for Weight Loss Products/Strategies;” Stephen Perle, D.C., with “Exercise and Overweight/Obesity;” John Morley, Ph.D., with “The Bigger Picture of Nutrition, Aging & Obesity;” and Bruce I. Bond, D.C., with “Metabolic Biotransformation: An Overview of Detoxification and Weight Loss.” The program got underway with a presentation titled “Inciting Change” by Mr. Spurlock.

Other symposium highlights included student presentations, an expo, a panel discussion led by Director of Diagnosis and Radiology Lisa Killinger, D.C., Davenport ’83; and remarks by Palmer’s Chairman of the Board of Nutrition Moin Ansari, Ph.D., and Assistant Chancellor Clay McDonald, D.C. The emcee was Dean of Academic Affairs Dan Weinert, D.C., Davenport ’96.

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