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Reach out. Re-energize. Recruit.

Reach out. Re-energize. Recruit.

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Winter/Spring 2009

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Staff education added to Puerto Vallarta event

From April 29 through May 4, 2009, Palmer is hosting a CE travel event in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In addition to offering up to 12 hours of CE credit for D.C.s., staff programming has recently been added.

“After numerous requests for staff programming at the event, we’ve added a three-hour staff intensive that will feature elements of professional boundaries in patient interactions, record keeping and customer service,” said Continuing Education Events Coordinator Tricia Jestel.

With doctors continually looking for ways to reward exceptional staff, this type of event provides the unique opportunity to combine a reward with an educational experience for everyone.

For more information, call the Palmer CE department at (800) 452-5032.

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