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Giving healthcare and hope

Giving healthcare and hope

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Summer 2009

Q & A

with Kent Pilcher

Member of the Palmer Board of Trustees

Kent Pilcher

Kent Pilcher is co-owner of Estes Construction in Davenport, Iowa, which constructs projects in Eastern Iowa and North Central Illinois. With more than 30 years of experience in construction, he is responsible for all day-today operations at Estes. A George F. Baker Scholar, in 1980 Mr. Pilcher received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He has served as past chairman of Master Builders of Iowa, as well as chairman or president of various civic organizations in Davenport, including the Davenport Chamber of Commerce, Rejuvenate Davenport and River Music Experience. Mr. Pilcher is currently on the boards of Skip-A-Long Daycare and USBank, both in Davenport. He was appointed to the Palmer Board of Trustees in 2006.

Tell us what strengths you bring to the Board?

I understand the complexities and challenges of a large, diverse organization and how to create strategies to implement cultural changes to develop that organization. I also have experience developing and advancing a consistent brand reputation, both inside and outside of Palmer, to achieve measurable results. Having worked on a number of boards has given me a feel for effective board development and governance.

What issues in the chiropractic profession or in education concern you most?

Chiropractic has tremendous potential to continue integrating into the entire healthcare system. The ability of the profession to agree on how to do this is its greatest challenge. Those involved with chiropractic must learn to understand and celebrate our common ground in order to advance the profession; not focus on the differences. United we advance, divided we fail.

What is your vision of the three campuses of Palmer College in 25 years?

I foresee strong and vibrant campuses that celebrate Palmer’s history while looking to the future. There also may be a number of healthcare partners integrated into our campuses as healthcare and wellness trends evolve and develop. Lastly, we may also have “virtual campuses” to provide distance learning over the Internet for primary and continuing education.

What have you enjoyed most about being a member of the Board?

It has been particularly gratifying for me to learn about the history of Palmer, and the role of Palmer and the Palmer family in the creation, development and growth of chiropractic. I’ve also been very impressed and inspired by observing the passion and commitment of other Board members. I believe Palmer is well served by faculty, staff and a board that care deeply and want to do what is in the best interest of Palmer, rather than serving any individual agendas.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I have the privilege of serving on two other boards of higher education institutions: my alma matter, Coe College, and the St. Ambrose College of Business Advisory Board in Davenport. This provides interesting insight into educational and enrollment trends that may, or may not, apply to Palmer. It is a challenging time for higher education. The institutions that develop and execute strategy well will differentiate themselves and thrive. Those that don’t, won’t.

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