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Giving healthcare and hope

Giving healthcare and hope

Palmer’s Outreach Clinics provide a lifeline for hard times
Summer 2009


Student commends alumni support

Davenport Campus student Steve Frogley
Steve Frogley

When Stephen Frogley started school on the Davenport Campus, he didn’t fully appreciate what the word “philanthropy” meant. Then he learned it means giving one’s time or money “to increase the wellbeing of humankind.”

Both his father, Craig Frogley, D.C., Davenport ’75, and grandfather, Ron Frogley, D.C., Davenport ’61, were instructors at Palmer. “Their example of selfless contributions of time and talents has been a major contributor to my involvement in school organizations,” he added.

Mr. Frogley also is able to point out the philanthropy that exists in his class, which has seen serious illnesses, family emergencies and even the death of one of its members. “As our class representative on Student Council, I have been blown away each time I’ve opened an envelope we had passed around for someone in need and found $600, $700 or $800,” he said.

Stephen Frogley’s own benevolence was recognized recently when he was awarded a Vogt Leadership Scholarship. This endowed scholarship recognizes students who give back to their community.

“After benefiting from the many improvements to the school that alumni donations have made possible and feeling the effects they’ve had on my education, I no longer think of the definition of philanthropy I’ve learned, but rather the dedicated individuals who have given a portion of their time, money or knowledge to better my future,” the 9th Trimester student said. “I hope to follow their example and do the same for those who come after me.”

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