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Giving healthcare and hope

Giving healthcare and hope

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Summer 2009

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In gratitude for my wonderful chiropractors and their alma mater

Lorraine Shouldis

Lorraine Shouldis

Like most chiropractic patients, I am grateful for the thorough and excellent care I have received over the years from my chiropractors. But perhaps unlike many patients, I have decided to express my appreciation for their skills in healing by supporting their alma mater—Palmer College of Chiropractic. Let me share with you why I decided to put Palmer in my will and to give a gift to the College each year.

As a child I wasn’t sickly; I had the usual childhood illnesses. But if any medicine was prescribed for me, it seemed to worsen the condition and therefore it had to be discontinued. When I was about four years old, I came down with a very serious illness with a very high fever for several days. The only thing that finally broke the fever was sleep and a cool cloth.

After the illness, my parents took me to a pediatrician, explaining that medicines caused serious problems for me. I was given a complete examination, and the conclusion was that a different kind of care, perhaps chiropractic, might serve me better.

I was having something like seizures, and my parents took me to Dr. Harley Drew, a chiropractor and Palmer graduate who had helped relieve my mother’s back pain. Dr. Drew took X-rays, along with examining my neck and spine, etc. He found I could turn my neck to the extreme right and to the extreme left, which is not normal. This caused the flow of blood to be shut off. In very short order, Dr. Drew stopped the neck problem and the seizures, and my life went forward.

Dr. Drew retired and encouraged me to continue the adjustments with his chiropractor, Dr. Sam Tyrell, also a graduate of Palmer. I went to him for years until he retired. His son, Dr. David Tyrell, also a Palmer graduate, took over his father’s practice. He is now my chiropractor.

I feel that chiropractic has saved me from serious illnesses and diseases. I have an adjustment every 10 weeks almost to the minute—keeping my spine aligned and permitting my body to be flexible and able to heal. I don’t believe I would be in such wonderful condition if I hadn’t stayed with chiropractic. I haven’t had a cold or the flu or any operations, and I don’t use medicine, not even aspirin. Nor do I have headaches or any of the usual life’s complaints.

Here’s what my current chiropractor, Dr. Tyrell, had to say about me as a patient: “I have been treating Lorraine now for 20 years. My father also cared for her for almost 20 years. She has never been late for an appointment and is truly a model chiropractic patient. Her dedication to maintenance care has brought her decades of optimum health. I wish all of my patients were like Lorraine! She understands the commitment that the Palmer family and College has given to the chiropractic profession and to chiropractors all around the world.”

As for why I give to Palmer, I believe that I owe something to the three chiropractors who have cared for me so well over the years, and to the dedication that Palmer College provides to each student. Palmer is where it all started, and from the time Dr. Palmer founded it until today and into the future, it will continue to grow and serve future chiropractors with the best possible chiropractic education.

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