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8 Reasons to Refer Students

8 Reasons to Refer Students

Eight students share their appreciation for Palmer and honor the alumni who referred them
Fall 2010

Davenport Campus

Maternity leave and the chiropractic practice

Dr. Barb Read found another chiropractor to substitute for her while on maternity leave.
Dr. Barb Read

Juggling motherhood and a career is tough enough, but what if you’re a chiropractor and need to take maternity leave? Who cares for your patients in your absence?

Barbara Read, D.C., Davenport ’97, who is the sole chiropractor at her clinic, used networking to help her out. While teaching a NUCCA elective at Palmer, she met a doctor who wanted to learn the technique.

“I agreed to let her shadow me and hone her skills with NUCCA in exchange for covering my maternity leave,” says Dr. Read.

Another chiropractor, Laura Avitt, D.C., Davenport ’04, was working as an associate at the time of her pregnancy. While she stayed home with her daughter for three-and-a-half weeks, the doctor who owned the clinic covered for her.

“There are always patients who won’t see anybody but you,” says Dr. Avitt. “They were aware that I was going to be off for a few weeks once the baby was born, so some waited for my return.”

After maternity leave, both mothers took their babies to the office with them. “I always wanted to have a practice where I could bring my child with me,” says Dr. Read. “Since it was a new practice, while hiring my receptionist, I explained that childcare may be in her job description so she knew it before she took the job.”

Dr. Avitt found that her patients enjoyed being around her baby and often offered to hold her when she got fussy. They were also disappointed not to see her anymore after she started daycare.

“The most important thing is to communicate with your patients,” says Dr. Avitt. “Let them know how much time you plan to take. Keep them informed while you are on maternity leave via your staff, blog or your website.”

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