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8 Reasons to Refer Students

8 Reasons to Refer Students

Eight students share their appreciation for Palmer and honor the alumni who referred them
Fall 2010


8 Reasons to Refer Students

The eight students featured in this article are typical Palmer students. They’re passionate about chiropractic, dedicated to earning the world’s most valuable chiropractic degree, and focused on using that degree to give people the quality of chiropractic care that only a Palmer graduate can provide. They’re also grateful for the alumni who referred them to Palmer.
1. Josh Muffet
Davenport Campus
8th Trimester
From Paleontology to Palmer

Josh Muffett

Growing up, Josh Muffett knew he was going to study bones, but he thought he’d be digging them up instead of palpating them.

“I actually always wanted to go into archeology or paleontology,” says the Davenport Campus 8th Trimester student. “But in high school I gained an interest in physical fitness and nutrition. As I began to learn what chiropractic was and how its philosophy was based on holistic healing, I found it resonated with my idea of how health care should be.”

Josh was introduced to chiropractic by his parents, who sent him to William Dye, D.C., Davenport ’75, after he dislocated his shoulder.

“Dr. Dye told me to go to Palmer because it’s ‘the Cadillac of chiropractic schools,’” says Josh. “Since he told me that, I never really bothered investigating any other schools—I only set my eyes on Palmer. And I am glad I did. I am so grateful to know Dr. Dye, and that he steered me in the right direction.”

2. Garrett Neff
West Campus
13th Qaurter
Patient, Friend and Colleague

Garrett Neff

When Garrett Neff was an undergrad, he wanted to pursue a medical degree with a specialization in orthopedics. That changed after he had a serious diving accident and Gary Saito, D.C., West ’84, assisted him with his recovery and rehabilitation.

“Dr. Saito treated me as a patient, friend, and once I became interested in chiropractic, he treated me as a colleague,” he says.

After Dr. Saito introduced him to chiropractic, Garrett felt that chiropractic offered “a much more direct route to working with athletes with a focus on musculoskeletal, rehab and functional training” than medicine. He also took Dr. Saito’s advice and enrolled at the West Campus, in part because of its strong sports chiropractic program.

“My first Sports Council event was literally my first weekend in the 1st Quarter, and I’ve never slowed down,” says Garrett, who has kept Dr. Saito up to date on his accomplishments throughout his time at Palmer. “Without his positive direction and kind heart, I wouldn’t have had someone to look up to so highly, and my future career in chiropractic may have never been,” he says.

3. Devin Brossard
Davenport Campus
6th Trimester
Given His Life Back to Help Others

Devin Brossard

While in high school, Devin Brossard was in a roll-over car accident that left him in so much pain, he was unable to play sports and his grades plummeted. After six months of pain pills and muscle relaxers, he was taken to Elaine Stout, D.C., Davenport ’81, who helped him not only feel better, but get better.

“Dr. Stout had given me back my life, and I couldn’t think of any greater sense of fulfillment in a career than being able to do that for someone else,” he says. “Dr. Stout told me that all of the chiropractic schools were good, but Palmer is the best.”

Since enrolling, Devin has worked with the Alumni Office as a Palmer Student Alumni Foundation representative and more resently as its president.

When asked if he would consider recommending the College to other students, he replies, “There is no question that I would tell someone to go to Palmer.”

4. Brittany Morrow
Florida Campus
9th Quarter
Volleyball Player Gets An Assist From Alum

Brittany Morrow

When Brittany Morrow was an undergrad at Pennsylvania’s Waynesburg University, her chiropractor, Gary Weinstein, D.C., Davenport ’83, once told her he thought she’d make an excellent chiropractor.

“He said because I was outgoing, played sports and was health conscious, that maybe chiropractic would be a good career for me,” she says. She followed his advice and is now a student at the Florida Campus.

It was during a prospective student event hosted by Dr. Weinstein that Brittany came to the same conclusion as her doctor. By the time the gathering was over, three of his guests made the decision to enroll at Palmer, one of whom was Brittany.

“I would definitely recommend Palmer to others. I like the curriculum and the fact that you get hands-on experience from the very beginning,” Brittany says. “If I had to do it over again I would make the same decision.”

Having a Good Ear for the Right Career

Dusty Hess

Before enrolling at Palmer, Dusty Hess was a musician, producer and audio engineer in L.A. But the music industry’s lack of stability made him uneasy. Then he reflected on how his father, a chiropractor, had always managed to provide for his family and, in his own words, “help people and change lives.”

While his dad—a non-Palmer grad—influenced Dusty’s decision to become a chiropractor, his father’s colleague, Chuck Gibson, D.C., Davenport ’55, steered him toward Palmer College. As head of Gibson Management Consultants, Dr. Gibson has served as a personal coach and mentor to chiropractors, and prospective chiropractic students, for more than 30 years.

Dr. Gibson told Dusty, “There’s no other school that will give you the chiropractic education than Palmer College. I’ll get you set up with a tour.”

Dusty strongly believes that Palmer is preparing him “philosophically and clinically to be the best chiropractic provider in the market.” He adds, “It’s helping me to formulate what I do, how I do it and why.”

6. Megan Thoma
West Campus
8th Quarter
Chiropractic is Part of the Game Plan

Megan Thoma

When Megan Thoma and her brothers were growing up in Michigan, sports were a big part of their lives, and so was their chiropractor, Jeffrey Buller, D.C., Davenport ’82. “I have no doubt that chiropractic not only helped all of us with our athletic performance but our overall health growing up,” she says.

“He was able to spark my interest in the field of chiropractic early, and through the years was able to model what a wonderful and rewarding profession chiropractic could be,” she says of Dr. Buller.

Today, Megan is at Palmer on the recommendation of Dr. Buller. Although she chose to do her studies at the West Campus, two time zones away from her lifelong chiropractor, Megan is confident that he will be there for her as she progresses through her chiropractic educational experience.

“I am certain that Dr. Buller will continue to give me all the support he can with my chiropractic career path,” she says.

7. Vanessa Ransom
Davenport Campus
5th Trimester
An Easy Choice

Vanessa Ransom

Vanessa Ransom says her interest in chiropractic began at a very early age. “In a way, I think chiropractic chose me.”

As a child, Vanessa had debilitating migraines that kept her home from school. Then her mother began to take her to a chiropractor and, according to Vanessa, she hasn’t had a major migraine since.

It was Davenport Campus alumni Mischa Doman, D.C., ’01, and Patricia Barge, D.C., ’90, who recommended Vanessa attend Palmer College. “They both felt as though the education they had received had provided them with the tools necessary to become excellent chiropractors,” she says.

“Alumni should refer prospective students because they have been through the program and know what it takes to be a great chiropractor,” says Vanessa. “They know firsthand the benefits they received by being a Palmer student and how those benefits have helped them transition into a successful practice.”

8. Jenny Meckle
Florida Campus
4th Quarter
Family Ties

Jenny Meckle

Generations of chiropractors coming from the same family is nothing new to Palmer. As it turns out, it’s nothing new to the Meckle family, either. Sandra Conard, D.C., and her husband, Joseph Meckle, D.C., both graduated from the Davenport Campus in 1983. Today their children, Josh, 12th Quarter, and Carly and Jenny, both 4th Quarter, are all students at the Florida Campus.

When Jenny was 10, she became another one of her parents’ patients on account of a problem she developed with her hip. They also helped her with the customary sprained knees and ankles she got from playing high school and college sports.

“My parents treated a lot of my teammates,” says Jenny. “I think it helped us be more effective players.” She would grow to appreciate the fact that chiropractic health care focuses on preventive and non-invasive care.

“I looked at other colleges and realized that Palmer was the way to go,” she says. “Coming from a chiropractic family you experience the benefits of chiropractic early on and learn to trust it.”

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