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8 Reasons to Refer Students

8 Reasons to Refer Students

Eight students share their appreciation for Palmer and honor the alumni who referred them
Fall 2010

Palmer College

Branding Palmer for the Next Generation

The Fountainhead. The Largest. The First. The Best.

For more than a century, statements like these have been used to describe Palmer College of Chiropractic. But this year, following the completion of a two-year market research study, the College is rolling out a new, more defined brand marker to its audiences:

Palmer College of Chiropractic: The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education.

“In today’s marketplace, we cannot simply rely on our heritage or our past accomplishments,” says Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D., chancellor. “We must claim the forwardthinking role that we aspire to hold. We must focus our efforts on being the trusted leader in what we do and that is, above all things, educating our students.”


In July 2008, Palmer College began working with an external market research firm to gather fresh information from prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, alumni and health-career advisors at undergraduate colleges and universities about their perceptions of chiropractic and, more specifically, Palmer.

Through surveys, interviews and focus groups at each campus, the research ultimately identified common descriptors that are currently associated with Palmer’s identity, as well as attributes desired to be associated with Palmer.

“This data provides clarity for our existing brand equity and reinforces our institutional mission,” says Dr. Marchiori. “That mission is focused on student education and clinical care, both of which are supported through our research efforts.”

Simply defined, the new brand represents how the academic excellence of our students, the success of our alumni, and the engaged and unified nature of our chiropractic community uniquely position Palmer College as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education.


Palmer’s aspirational identity is shaped by three primary attributes:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Successful Graduates
  • An Engaged and Unified Community

The Palmer brand is built on three aspirational attributes.
pie chart divided into thirds

The first, Academic Excellence, demonstrates that Palmer College will consistently be known for the challenging curriculum and learning experiences on each campus. The faculty will be highly regarded for its credentials, scholarship and contributions to the profession, while students will be of high academic ability, promise and accomplishment. Overall, the College will represent its commitment to the growth, development and preparation of the students.

The second attribute, Successful Graduates, reflects how our alumni are well positioned for success in advancing the profession, caring for patients, assuming leadership roles, and contributing to their communities and profession. The success of Palmer graduates will be a direct result of the academic excellence they experienced while at Palmer. These successful graduates will, in turn, help consistently express Palmer’s identity and counter misperceptions of the chiropractic profession.

“Certainly, our alumni have an outstanding track record for success,” says Darren Garrett, executive director for Marketing and Public Relations. “That can significantly influence a prospective student’s decision to choose Palmer, so we want to share as many of those stories as possible.”

The final aspect, An Engaged and Unified Community, reflects a shared commitment from students, faculty, staff and alumni toward the future of the institution. The College will help bridge information gaps through improved communication efforts. In doing so, all members of the institutional family will be able to work as a cohesive unit with a shared understanding of the College’s mission and vision.

While this means delivering a unified message about the College as a single institution, the Palmer brand also will recognize and emphasize the attributes of each of the three campuses.

“Building a strong brand means paying close attention to the experiences we create for our students, as well as the messages we deliver,” adds Mr. Garrett. “To be successful and live up to our aspirational brand, we must all learn how to consistently live the brand in everything we do and say.”


To order recruiting materials like these to show to prospective students, call (800) 722-2586, Ext. 3.
branded print pieces

To bring this brand to life, the College initially unveiled a two-part campaign specifically targeting prospective students. The first phase was the launch of the new website in May of this year. In addition to an entirely new look, the site was redesigned to include enhanced navigation, greater interactivity and easier access to information. With related links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other resources, site users will be able to stay easily connected with Palmer College. While there is something for everyone, has a distinct focus on our efforts to attract the best and brightest students.

While the website was being developed, the College also was investing in a new series of communications pieces for use with prospective students. These materials provide a consistent representation of the Palmer brand and demonstrate the educational experiences and outcomes they can expect by attending one of the three Palmer campuses.

As mentioned, alumni stories will play a vital role in this process. A new brochure, “Stories of Success,” features 12 diversely successful Palmer graduates and how they are advancing the profession. If you have a success story you would like to share with prospective students, contact

With those two efforts established, the College is initiating a comprehensive plan that will help create more global brand awareness by incorporating these key attributes into its marketing, advertising and communications activities. In the coming months, new resources and materials will become available for use as Palmer College applies its identity as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education.

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