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8 Reasons to Refer Students

8 Reasons to Refer Students

Eight students share their appreciation for Palmer and honor the alumni who referred them
Fall 2010

Palmer College

Putting our trust in the needs of our students

Quad City Bank & Trust President and CEO John Anderson, center, is chairperson of the Palmer College Quad City Bank & Trust Endowed Scholarship Fund campaign. He is seen meeting here with, left, Cathie Whiteside, executive vice president, Corporate Strategy and Branding, QCR Holding, Inc., and Paula Weaver, vice president, Community Relations, Quad City Bank & Trust.
Cathie Whiteside, John Anderson and Paula Weaver sitting at table

As a Palmer graduate, you probably have a lot of good memories of your time back at The Fountainhead. Maybe you remember the first adjustment you made, your first patient in the clinic or the day you walked across the stage with your diploma. But you may also remember having to spend a lot of time making every dollar count.

Recently, Vice Chancellor for Student Success Kevin Cunningham, D.C., Ph.D., Davenport ’88, told the story of a student who wanted to come to the U.S. specifically to attend Palmer College. She knew Palmer was, and is, the leader in chiropractic education. So she scrimped and saved and finally packed up and moved her young family to the Davenport Campus.

One day, her finances became scarce. Tough choices had to be made. She came to Dr. Cunningham to ask for help with finding funds to assist her through that tough time. Unfortunately, there was no good answer.

As the student walked away, Dr. Cunningham knew the last thing he could do was walk away from the student’s problems. So, he began to share her story with others. And when word reached the community’s Bechtel Trusts and Foundation, the organization came forward with a grant of $100,000 as a short-term solution. Now, the guidelines for giving such funds to students who urgently need them are being finalized.

The Trusts’ grant, however, obliges the College to create a long-term solution as well. So the grant was given as a challenge to the Palmer community to raise $300,000 to match the gift. That’s when banker and community leader John Anderson of Quad City Bank & Trust (QCB&T) asked if he could help. QCB&T then made a significant contribution and joined with the College to create the Palmer College Quad City Bank & Trust Endowed Scholarship Fund campaign to raise $300,000.

At this level of funding, the interest will provide approximately $15,000 each year for direct student aid, with the minimum for each award set at $5,000. Says Senior Development Officer Shelley Hammill, “As you can see, if this fund grows to $500,000, then $25,000 will be available to students each year. And this is where Palmer alumni can step forward to help our students.”

“Our goal is about so much more than dollars,” she says. “It asks the question, ‘How many students can we help each year?’”

You can help Palmer students like the one in this story by making a gift to the Palmer College Quad City Bank & Trust Endowed Scholarship Fund. Your support can mean the difference between a student walking away from their dreams, or allowing that same student the ability to pursue their dreams to the fullest.

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