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Building Healthy Relationships

Building Healthy Relationships

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Spring 2011

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Chiropractic student loan repayment bill introduced

U.S. Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Iowa)
Bruce Braley

On Feb. 8, Rep. Bruce Braley (1st District, Iowa) introduced the Access to Frontline Health Care Act of 2011 bill to Congress. According to Rep. Braley, the bill “sets up a new incentive to make sure that chiropractors practice in underserved areas, and will help ensure that Iowans have access to chiropractors no matter where they live.”

The bill (H.R.531) was introduced in the House of Representatives and was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Rep. Braley notes that he believes “chiropractors play a critical role in our health care system” and that he’s “fighting to make sure all Americans have access to these crucial health services.” Said Rep. Braley, “This bill creates a new student loan repayment program called the Frontline Providers Loan Repayment Program, through which a chiropractor can pledge to practice for two years in an underserved area. In exchange, the chiropractor receives student loan repayment. This is a win-win for patients and providers.”

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