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Building Healthy Relationships

Building Healthy Relationships

Palmer alumni and other healthcare practitioners are working together to benefit patients
Spring 2011

Palmer College

Defining Palmer’s identity: College initiates alumni surveys

As the healthcare landscape continues to change, Palmer College is taking steps to solidify a relevant identity within the contemporary chiropractic education marketplace. Through a series of surveys and questionnaires planned for early this summer, the College will gather valuable information from alumni, clinic patients and the general public that will assist with that effort.

“Many experts and leaders both within and external to the chiropractic profession have stated a need for the profession to have a clearer identity,” said Palmer College Board of Trustees Chair Trevor Ireland, D.C. “Therefore, I have asked the Board and College administration to work together to initiate these surveys.” Outcomes from these efforts will be used to create succinct definitions that satisfy the diverse stakeholder groups within the profession, such as College faculty and staff, alumni, current patients, and the scientific community. At the same time, it must also provide a clear identity that will serve the profession as a marketable statement to the wider public of prospective students and patients, other healthcare disciplines and health policy makers. Furthermore, a clear public identity will help reinforce the College’s brand as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education.

The surveys will be conducted using various online and print survey tools, and should be concluded by the mid summer. Palmer College’s Office of Strategic Development will then compile and tabulate the results from each of the four survey audiences, and generate an initial comprehensive report for review by the Board and the College administrative team this fall.

Watch for e-mail messages from Palmer Communications or visit for more details about these important surveys.

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