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What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

Palmer's strategy for focused curricular change to improve patient care
Fall 2011

a message from Dr. Burt

Creating meaningful connections

Dr. Burt

At many of the events we host throughout the year, you will hear us comment that the College is focused on three key things: student learning, the patients we serve and the research that supports them both. Yet as you read this issue of Insights, you’ll soon realize that our focus is more comprehensive than just those three key components. Yes, we are very concerned about the quality of our educational program, but we are just as concerned about helping our alumni in meaningful ways.

We would all agree that it is difficult to keep pace with the changes in today’s healthcare world. That is why Palmer is being proactive in a whole host of ways that meet the needs of our students as well as our alumni. You’ll discover how Palmer is leading the way in integrating evidence-based clinical practice into the Doctor of Chiropractic curriculum when you read this issue’s cover story. This article helps explain what evidence-based clinical practice really means, and how we’re integrating it into the Palmer curriculum to educate the next generation of chiropractors and strengthen the profession as a whole.

You’ll also read about the Palmer CareerNetwork. This new initiative helps alumni connect with Palmer in meaningful ways that also have an impact on your practices as well as our students. Read about this exciting new online connection on page 5. I hope once you read it, you’ll be motivated to join the Palmer CareerNetwork as a student mentor or to take advantage of the many online career services it offers.

Not only are we reaching out to our students and alumni with new and innovative programs, but our alumni are connecting back to the College through the creation of programs like the Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust established by the Palmer Rugby Alumni Association. The Palmer CareerNetwork and the Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust are just a few examples of how Palmer and our alumni are working together to enhance the educational experience for our students—the next generation to move chiropractic forward.

If you’re wondering when one of us will be coming to a state association meeting in your area, check out the next issue of Palmer Highlights or go to the travel calendar at https://portal. and click on “Travel Calendar” on the right.

I hope as you read this issue of Insights you will get a sense that the College and our alumni are making a real difference in today’s world of health care. Enjoy the read, and thank you for all of the things you do for Palmer and chiropractic.

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