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What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

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Fall 2011

West Campus

Dr. Wade helps SJ Jazz Festival performers

Dr. Terence Wade
Dr. Terence Wade

Terence Wade, D.C., West ’86, San Jose, Calif., has demonstrated smooth rhythmic skills as a percussionist who has performed with several musical groups since his days as a student. However, as the official chiropractor of the San Jose Jazz Festival for the past two years, it’s been Dr. Wade’s smooth adjusting skills that have spared many of the event’s performers from “singing the blues.”

While completing his chiropractic studies, Dr. Wade performed in bands with fellow West Campus students, such as The Audibles and ChiroGyra, which often performed in the quad or at special events, including Play Day. Following graduation, he remained musically active with Resounding Joy, an ensemble group that combined music and ministry in performances at prisons throughout California, and he has been a member of the First Baptist Worship Band in Gilroy for more than 10 years.

From his years of traveling as a seminar speaker throughout the United States as well as France, Switzerland and England (teaching the Neural Organization Technique), as well as from years of work in a physically exerting career, Dr. Wade is familiar with, and can relate to, the chronic aches and pains associated with being a professional musician.

“They’re on tour five months out of the year, and it’s a constant cycle from planes to hotels to buses to performing venue, so they’re subjecting their bodies to constant stress and chronic pain, due to repetitive body movement,” said Dr. Wade, who was introduced to one of the jazz festival event managers and volunteered to serve as the festival’s official chiropractor.

“Whether it’s adjusting a world-touring musician, the kids at the local high school, or the moms and pops who come into my office, I love what I do,” said Dr. Wade, who has mentored many West Campus students that have completed their 13th Quarter field training assignment at his office in San Jose. “And rare is the individual who can honestly say they love what they do, especially when they’ve been doing it for 25 years.”

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