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What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

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Fall 2011

West Campus

West alumna makes a “world of difference” for pro boxing champion

Dr. Jacques-Maynes with Carina Moreno and her IBA championship belt.
Dr. Jacques-Maynes next to Carina Moreno holding championship belt

When Carina Moreno walks into the Watsonville, Calif., office of West Campus alumna Goldi Jacques-Maynes, D.C., ’07, many patients in the waiting room recognize Ms. Moreno as the small woman with the big smile who often warms tortillas and runs the cash register at Tacos Moreno, her family’s downtown taqueria.

What they may not know about Ms. Moreno is that this five-foot tall woman is a petite-but-powerful three-time worldchampion boxer who has used chiropractic rather extensively while amassing a 21- 3 professional record during her 10-year career. In fact, the current International Boxing Association (IBA) junior flyweight (108 pounds) champion and former Golden Gloves champion credits the care she receives from Dr. Jacques-Maynes at Golden Chiropractic for helping her stay in shape, especially during the physically grueling training schedule (eight hours a day for six weeks) she maintains while preparing for a bout.

“Seeing Dr. Goldi makes a world of difference, and just makes me a better athlete,” said Ms. Moreno. “She’s really helped my neck, which gets stiff and sore. The adjustments really help. I also had some shoulder issues, and she’s really helped with that as well (with soft-tissue therapy and cold laser treatment). Dr. Goldi takes time, talks to me, and asks questions to find out how I’m doing, and I appreciate that.”

Dr. Jacques-Maynes, who is married to professional cyclist Ben Jacques-Maynes, has worked with many athletes, but Ms. Moreno is her first patient whose primary sport is boxing. When Ms. Moreno initiated care, Dr. Jacques-Maynes immediately noticed physical conditions and consequences associated with a sport in which various parts of the body are subject to physical blows, often in bursts of rapid-fire succession. And in the case of Ms. Moreno, whose peak weight is 112 pounds, there’s not a lot of body to absorb the shock of the punches.

“Although she is quite young, Carina’s neck shows evidence of exposure to a lot of trauma, which is the result of sparring and being punched in the face over the past 10 years of her career,” said Dr. Jacques-Maynes. “My focus has been getting Carina’s spine and nervous system fully optimized for the upcoming bout. We’ve used Graston Technique, massage, and I recently purchased a cold laser. The chiropractic adjustments and the cold laser have helped Carina recover faster from her workouts so that she can continue to ramp up her training.”

Ms. Moreno recognizes that she’s already had a rather lengthy career by boxing standards, but she’s focused in her quest to reclaim her two former world titles—especially with Dr. Jacques- Maynes in her corner. “I see Dr. Goldi as part of my team,” she said. “She keeps my body feeling good, especially after long days of sparring when I’m training for a fight.”

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