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What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

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Fall 2011

Florida Campus

Excitement builds as third building is added to Florida Campus

A view of construction progress in August 2011. For a current view, go to flconstruction to see images of the construction site that are updated every 30 seconds.
construction of building three on other side of pond

With every concrete block and steel segment that is added, the reality of a third building on the Florida Campus draws closer, and excitement builds over the prospect of additional space, particularly among students. “When I talk with students attending other chiropractic colleges, they emphasize their student centers,” said Jordan Dusold, a 5th quarter student from Cincinnati, Ohio. “It will be great for us to have a place of our own that we can be proud of.”

The first level of Building Three will incorporate the existing Java City structure into a larger cafeteria with added features such as the ability to prepare and offer more varied menu items due to additional space and equipment. Increased seating will provide a panoramic view of the campus, including an outdoor patio overlooking the pond. The remaining space on the first level will be used for a new and larger bookstore.

Building Three’s second level will primarily be a large meeting area capable of being partitioned into three smaller meeting rooms and designed to seat a maximum of 500 people. It will be used for meetings, continuing education classes, Homecoming activities and graduation ceremonies for smaller-sized classes.

“The new building will provide the students with a central focus point for student activities,” said George Bertish, M.B.A., director of Institutional Support. “It will in effect be the student center for the Florida Campus.”

The excitement created by the growth of the Florida Campus is not only felt by students, staff and faculty, but also by the Florida chiropractic community. “There is a growing sense of pride and ownership in our Florida Campus throughout the Florida chiropractic community,” said Florida Campus President Peter Martin, D.C. Dr. Martin has worked closely with the Development Office for the past few months, and added, “There are plans to launch a capital campaign in the near future to help offset the cost of the $4 million, 14,000-square-foot building project.”

The community’s business sector is also supportive of the campus growth. “Palmer has been a wonderful institution for our community,” said Debbie Connors, executive director of the Port Orange-South Daytona Chamber of Commerce. “They have created employment opportunities by their presence. Palmer students are great citizens who reside locally, with many remaining in the area to open new practices and raise families. Bringing Palmer to our community has to be one of the most beneficial economic developments a city can experience. It’s added a whole new dimension to the Port Orange and South Daytona community. We are excited and pleased by their growth.”

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