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What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

Palmer's strategy for focused curricular change to improve patient care
Fall 2011

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Palmer CareerNetwork:

An exclusive new service for Palmer alumni and students

The Palmer Center for Business Development launched the new Palmer CareerNetwork in August. This exciting online service connects alumni and students with helpful career resources— plus, it’s a free service for alumni and students that’s available 24 hours a day.

Created exclusively for Palmer alumni and students, the Palmer CareerNetwork is an online gateway to: employment opportunities; practices and equipment for sale; the Palmer Professional Network (student mentors); Optimal Resume (an award-winning suite of career tools including print, web and video resumes, plus online portfolios); Interview Stream (a mock interview program); the Locus practice locator; Business Module registration; and more.

With Palmer CareerNetwork, Palmer alumni can post employment opportunities as well as practices and equipment for sale with an Employer/Advertiser* account. Alumni and students may also search for jobs or practices and equipment for sale with a Student/Alumni* account.

When you were a student, did you have a mentor—someone who guided you on your path to becoming a successful doctor? If you did, you know how valuable mentoring can be.

Now, through the Palmer CareerNetwork, you have the opportunity to join the Palmer Professional Network and be a student mentor. The network consists of Palmer alumni and other chiropractic professionals who are available to advise students on practice trends, geographic areas and other career-related topics via e-mail. You can help current students by sharing your experience as a chiropractor and private practitioner, offering ongoing supportive guidance, and providing brief responses to questions.

Since it was announced in August, the Palmer CareerNetwork has grown rapidly. By Oct. 3, registered employers totaled 513, there were 1,545 jobs/practices and equipment for sale, and registered students and alumni numbered 3,391.

“Alumni clearly want to be connected to the College in a meaningful and impactful way,” said Vice Chancellor for Student Success Kevin Cunningham, D.C., Ph.D. “The Palmer Career Network in conjunction with the Palmer Center for Business Development allows them the opportunity to do both.”

To register for the Palmer CareerNetwork, visit https://palmercsm.

*If you want to search ads, you’ll need a Student/Alumni account. If you want to post ads, you will need an Employer/Advertiser account. If you want to be included in the Palmer Professional Network, you’ll need an Employer/Advertiser account. Once in your Employer account, click on the “Professional Network” tab to complete your profile. Contact Penny DuBois at (563) 884-5521 or Marsha Hardacre at (563) 884-5858 with any questions about the Palmer CareerNetwork.

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