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What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

Palmer's strategy for focused curricular change to improve patient care
Fall 2011

Palmer College

Palmer Chiropractic Identity: Update

College Reviews Survey Results

For more than two years, Palmer College of Chiropractic has been working through a systematic process of solidifying a relevant identity within the contemporary chiropractic marketplace. As reported in the Spring 2011 issue of Insights, this effort was initiated by the Palmer Board of Trustees and driven through a committee of College administrators and board members.

“Our challenge is to craft language that protects our identity and explains to new audiences what we do,” said Palmer Board of Trustees Chair Trevor Ireland, D.C. “We must work toward the preservation and advancement of the chiropractic profession while integrating into the national healthcare system.”

This past summer, the committee surveyed four key groups: Palmer alumni, recent graduates, Palmer Chiropractic Clinic patients and the general public. Surveys for all groups contained three primary areas of questioning:

  • The central focus of chiropractic
  • Phrases related to the practice of chiropractic
  • Phrases related to the characteristics of chiropractors

The results of those surveys were then compiled and tabulated by the College’s Office of Strategic Development and presented to the Palmer Board of Trustees in late September for their initial review.

From that review and ongoing discussion between the Board and the College administration, the committee will be initiating a plan to share the preliminary outcomes with alumni, faculty, patients and other key constituents over the next few months. Those outcomes will include a draft set of statements intended to serve the profession as a marketable statement to the wider public of prospective students and patients, other healthcare disciplines and health policy makers.

“By going back to our alumni and other partners, we will confirm our direction and obtain important feedback to this key set of statements,” said Dr. Ireland. “We must be unified as a Palmer community to expand our presence and reinforce our position as ‘The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education’.”

Following the testing period, the committee will submit an updated report to the Board containing a final recommendation on the College’s chiropractic identity language.

Watch Palmer Highlights for more information on this process in the coming weeks.

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