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What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

Palmer's strategy for focused curricular change to improve patient care
Fall 2011

Davenport Campus

Something for everyone at the Davenport Campus Homecoming

From thought-provoking general sessions and continuing education workshops to a career fair for students and special celebrations of 100 years of Sigma Phi Chi and 50 years of Dr. Don Kern, there was something for every one of the nearly 1,500 attendees at this year’s Davenport Campus Homecoming Aug. 11-13.
General sessions enlighten and inspire

Secretary-general of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Mr. David Chapman-Smith spoke about the need for a public identity for chiropractic during his general session presentation titled “Current Development for Future Success of the Profession.” This identity, he said, should be one that “embraces the profession’s role as spinal care experts in the healthcare system, without losing the philosophy of chiropractic and its leadership in adjusting skills and manual health care. No one is saying you should only treat the spine,” he added, “but in a world not familiar with chiropractic, the profession’s market identity should be clear and consistent.”

“Some people think the term evidence-based wellness is an oxymoron,” said renowned wellness expert, educator, speaker and author James Chestnut, M.Sc., D.C., CCWP, at the beginning of his general session presentation titled “Evidence-based Wellness and Prevention: The Foundation of Healthcare by 2020.” “That’s why I started the (International Chiropractors Association) wellness certification program. Wellness isn’t synonymous with asymptomatic chiropractic care. When I speak about wellness, I use the term lifestyle. Twenty-first century health care is about lifestyle.”

He concluded his presentation by saying that “the chiropractic principles are the truths that will save the world. We know what’s required. Chiropractic must lead the wellness and prevention movement. If the legacy of our profession is the paradigm shift from the allopathic to the chiropractic paradigm, that would be phenomenal!”

During the closing session of Homecoming 2011, titled “A View Toward 2020: Palmer College Over the Next 10 Years,” Palmer College Chancellor Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D., discussed the future of the College for the next 10 years, making it clear that during this time of growth, Palmer has focus. “Our focus is on being the trusted leader,” said Dr. Marchiori. “It’s our aspirational direction. I know we’re not there on all aspects, but when it comes to training chiropractors, we’re number one.”

Dr. Marchiori emphasized Palmer’s focus on being the trusted leader in chiropractic education in his closing session presentation.
Dr. Marchiori speaking

Dr. Marchiori said that 50 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug, with one in six people having been prescribed three or more drugs. But while the population seems to have no problem taking pills, there are still people who say they don’t “believe” in chiropractic. “Chiropractic is not a religion,” he said. “We need to show them the facts. Our healthcare system is in crisis. It’s time to examine and decide how we impact society. We need to define what we do as a viable (healthcare) option. We are the third largest organized health profession … yet only eight percent of the population sees chiropractors.”

Dr. Marchiori called for alumni to mentor Palmer students and recent graduates. He encouraged them to join the new Palmer CareerNetwork, an online networking database exclusively for Palmer students and alumni. He also told them to spread the word and bring their chiropractic friends with them next year to Palmer Homecoming to learn and celebrate with our Palmer community.

First-ever Career Fair connects alumni with students

Students networked with alumni during the first Career Fair at this year’s Homecoming.
students talking to alumni at Career Fair tables

One of the new events at this year’s Davenport Campus Homecoming was a Career Fair in the Palmer Center for Business Development. Ten alumni met with about 40 students during the fair, talking to them about opportunities at their clinics and giving them advice about their chiropractic careers.

Both students and doctors found the Career Fair beneficial. Chris LoRang, 6th trimester, said he came to the Career Fair “to gain the experience of handing out my resumé and talking to doctors about opportunities they may have. Two of the doctors on the list are in my target areas for future practice, too.”

Dennis Fitterer, D.C., of Fitterer Chiropractic in Palmyra, Penn., was one of the alumni participants. “I’m at the stage where I’m looking for a preceptor or possibly a future associate,” he said. “This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with Palmer students and talk about what we each have to offer.”

Dr. Kern event raises funds for Campus Guides

Herkie poses with Dr. Kern

About 180 people gathered for a special dinner during Homecoming to celebrate former Davenport Campus President Donald Kern, D.C.’s 50 years of service to Palmer College, and to raise funds for the Campus Guides Endowed Scholarship Fund. Approximately $25,500 was raised for the scholarship fund. Surprise guest Herky the Hawkeye (University of Iowa mascot) presented Dr. Kern with a special gift of an Iowa jersey with his name on it, and posed for photos with Hawkeye fans, including number one fan Dr. Kern.

A special thank you to the event sponsors: Ultimate Chocolate Experience Sponsor – ARAMARK; Premium Chocolate Sponsor – Palmer College of Chiropractic Board of Trustees; Semi-sweet Chocolate Sponsor – NCMIC; Decadent Chocolate Dessert Sponsor – Palmer Campus Guides (alumni and current students); Mystery Guest Sponsor – WelchAllyn; Chocolate Chip Sponsor – Inline Tables; and a special gift from OUM Chiropractor Program.

Prospective Student Event a big draw for students

Nearly 90 prospective students and their guests had a great time learning about Palmer and chiropractic on Aug. 12 during the Prospective Student Event held in conjunction with Homecoming. Within a week following the event, 15 of those students already had applied to the Doctor of Chiropractic program.

Director of Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Dave Juehring, D.C., DACRB, demonstrates how chiropractors work with patients on balance issues during the Interactive Classroom Experience.
Prospective Students standing barefoot in rehabilitation room with Dr. Juehring

“My family and I had a great time enjoying the interactive sessions that were being taught by the prominent doctors who teach the various courses,” posted prospective student Chad Alan Vermuelen of South Dakota on Palmer’s Future Chiropractors group page on Facebook. “My seven-year-old daughter and I loved getting ‘hands-on’ with the human brain, searching for its various parts. We’ve had a great time here on campus and are enjoying the Palmer family interactions.”

The annual Prospective Student Event gave participants a glimpse of Palmer’s research facilities, radiology and rehabilitation departments and anatomy lab during the two-hour Interactive Classroom Experience. During lunch they also had an opportunity to visit with current students and other prospective students.

Recognition, awards and induction of new Fellows highlight Alumni Luncheon

The Alumni Luncheon at this year’s Homecoming was jampacked with information, special awards and the induction of nine new Fellows in the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic.

Vice Chancellor for Student Success Kevin Cunningham, D.C., Ph.D., spoke about the newly launched Palmer CareerNetwork as a new way for alumni to stay connected with the College in a meaningful way. (See article on page 5 for more information.)

Executive Director for Alumni Mickey Burt, D.C., then presented “a very special honor to an extraordinary woman,” when he recognized Vice Chancellor for Research and Health Policy Christine Goertz, D.C., Ph.D., as an honorary alumna of Palmer College of Chiropractic. “Everything about Dr. Goertz is impressive,” Dr. Burt said. “We’d like to add to her impressive list of accomplishments today and recognize her outstanding contributions to Palmer by making Dr. Christine Goertz an honorary alumna of Palmer College.”

Next on the luncheon agenda was the granting of an honorary Doctor of Chiropractic Humanities degree to Kent Forney, J.D. “Mr. Forney has served nearly 30 years on the Palmer Board of Trustees and is currently its vice chairman,” said Chancellor Dr. Dennis Marchiori. “He is a Palmer Presidents Club member and a longstanding Palmer supporter, strong chiropractic advocate and friend.”

Newly inducted Fellows receive a standing ovation at the Alumni Luncheon (from left): Dr. Kurt Burbach; Dr. Chris Chance (accepting posthumous Fellowship for his father Dr. M. Dean Chance); Justin Chance (accepting posthumous Fellowship for his late great-grandfather Dr. Hugh Chet Chance); Dr. Todd Curzie; Dr. Jeff Gehlsen; Dr. Christine Goertz; Dr. Robert Percuoco; Dr. Frank Sovinsky. Dr. H. Tom Barnes is standing below the stage.
New fellows standing in a line on stage

The last order of business at the luncheon was the induction of nine new Fellows in the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic. The following were inducted: H. Tom Barnes, D.C., Audubon, Iowa; Kurt Burbach, D.C., Dyersville, Iowa; M. Dean Chance, D.C. (posthumous award); Hugh Chet Chance, D.C. (posthumous award); Todd Curzie, D.C., L.C.P. (Hon.), Anchorage, Alaska; Jeff Gehlsen, D.C., Freeport, Ill.; Christine Goertz, D.C., Ph.D., Davenport, Iowa; Robert Percuoco, D.C., Long Grove, Iowa; and Frank Sovinsky, D.C., Tahoe City, Calif.

Sigma Phi Chi sorority celebrates 100 years

Sorority students and alumni with sun hats on

The Sigma Phi Chi sorority, the oldest chiropractic organization in the world, celebrated its 100-year anniversary this year during Homecoming. A special recognition video was presented during the Homecoming opening session, and the ladies of Sigma Phi Chi were given a standing ovation. Here they are shown at the Dr. Esther Mork Hat & Tea Luncheon, one of several sorority events during the weekend.

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