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Chiropractic Identity

Chiropractic Identity

Defining who we are for health care
Fall 2012

a message from Dr. Burt

An identity that fits us all

Dr. Burt

A Palmer Doctor of Chiropractic is: the primary care professional for spinal health and well-being . It is clearly stated and clearly understood. When I graduated nearly 40 years ago I intuitively thought that we as chiropractors were the primary care providers of spinal health and well-being. I also have always believed that Palmer is the preeminent chiropractic college, and our brand tagline, The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education, sums up my feelings very well. We’re taking our history, our philosophy and our mission and bringing them together in our identity statement and our tagline.

Throughout my years of practice, I’ve struggled to come up with a concise statement about what chiropractors do. I like the Palmer identity statement because we’re the ones who are firstline providers in spinal care. It opens the door to talk with patients about the scope of chiropractic care—that we’re not only the primary care professionals for spinal health, but also for overall well-being.

The identity statement is something the profession as a whole can embrace, not just Palmer chiropractors. Because it talks about spinal health and well-being, it bridges the gap between mechanistic- and vitalistic-oriented chiropractors. I’m going to put it on my website, on my patient education monitors and any materials used in my practice.

The other aspect, besides using it to concisely explain what I do for my patients, is that it gives our legislators and the business community a way to identify what chiropractors do. Business people can use this to explain why they’ve added chiropractic benefits for their employees, including those like Standard Process Inc. who are providing in-house chiropractic care for employees and seeing benefits like fewer sick days and increased well-being and productivity. (See the Spinal Column on page 18.)

The identity statement is one sentence, but it is very powerful. We need to make more people aware of what chiropractors do so they seek our care, and this is one of those statements that moves us closer to that in just nine words. To read all of the identity documents, go to our website at and click on “Who We Are,” then “Our Identity.”

The identity documents are further proof that Palmer is demonstrating its role as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education. We are making a concerted effort to provide the resources necessary to validate what we do.

Speaking of resources, the Alumni Office is continuing to look at different services to provide to our alumni that will positively impact your bottom line. You’ll find information about these services on page 3 and also on the alumni section of the Palmer website at We’re in the process of revising our web pages. We’re always interested in your feedback on the “For Alumni and Friends” section of the website. E-mail me at if you have any suggestions.

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