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Palmer Entrepreneurs

Palmer Entrepreneurs

The New Faces of Innovation
Spring/Summer 2014

a message from Dr. Burt

Palmer's commitment

Mickey Burt, D.C.
Mickey Burt, D.C.

This issue’s cover story on Palmer’s entrepreneurs made me think back to when I started in practice 40 years ago. In 1973 we were facing different challenges. For instance, back then it was unheard of for chiropractors to work together with M.D.s on patient care.

But one thing remains the same: We were, and are, innovative. We went out to practice in all parts of the world and we looked for unique ways to market our practices. We didn’t have EHR programs, computers or cell phones, but we networked in our communities and our practices grew and prospered.

Chiropractic will continue to evolve; it’s the nature of our profession and the health care arena. Innovators will continue to develop new and better products. Research will provide new information to inform our patient care. But one thing will always be true: Palmer’s commitment to chiropractic. That’s evident in our identity statement, that a chiropractor is “the primary care professional for spinal health and well-being.”

I use Palmer’s identity statement in many ways, but perhaps the most helpful is as a conversation starter with people who may not be familiar with chiropractic, such as legislators or business people in my community. It’s a perfect opening statement to explain chiropractic.

Another important conversation for all of us to have is with young people about a career in chiropractic. We all know how fulfilling being a chiropractor is, and how vital it is to keep the best students coming to our Palmer campuses to ensure our profession’s future. It’s as simple as asking two questions: 1) What are you planning to do after you graduate? and 2) Have you considered being a chiropractor?

Thank you, as always, for the work you do every day to advance Palmer and the profession. I’d love to hear from you about your work and accomplishments. Please feel free to contact me at mickey.burt@ or (800) 722-2586, option 3. I look forward to hearing from you about our new, improved, more cost-efficient and colorful Insights.

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