Drew McClure, D.C.

Drew McClure, D.C. showing an adjustment technique on a student patient.Following in his father’s footsteps was the best decision that Drew McClure, D.C., (West, ’13) ever made. Growing up he witnessed the impact that his dad, a chiropractor, made in people’s lives and the community they lived in. Eventually, his dad began teaching him techniques and the rest is history.

“It was amazing growing up not only having my own personal care team, but also seeing the massively positive impact that a chiropractor can have and that’s why I became a chiropractor.”

Dr. McClure’s journey at Palmer West began with his interest to help athletes.

“I chose to go to Palmer because I was always interested in working with athletes and felt that Palmer West Sports Council was a great opportunity for me to do so. The academics and evidence-based standards at Palmer were higher than other schools that I had looked at and my father was an alumnus, class of ‘82.”

After graduating, Dr. McClure opened his own practice, WholeBody Chiropractic, a multidisciplinary clinic hosting multiple chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and a variety of other practitioners.

“We rely predominantly on diversified and advanced extremity adjusting techniques, but also offer PT modalities, MRT, and activator. It’s been an amazing journey and we’ve gotten the privilege of helping many thousands of people.”

Using the power of healing hands, Dr. McClure embraces the powerful effect his patients have on him.

“When I can give my patient’s relief that changes their life in a substantive way, I feel very proud. I’m proud that I can use my hands and my head to help someone. I’m proud of all the community of patients who have been helped by my team and still stick around to maintain their health.”

Dr. McClure shares advice to current and prospective chiropractic students.

“Don’t be afraid, you can adjust so much harder than what you think you can – and your adjustments will be more effective. Adjust everyone you can, you should try to have thousands of adjustments under your belt before graduating.”

“Before going to chiropractic school, any prospective student should consider that chiropractic is a people-profession. Not only will you need to maintain your body, be strong, and practice the physicality of adjusting, but another huge part of your job will be communicating. People will want and need your ear, your knowledge, your words of wisdom, and it won’t always necessarily be about chiropractic.”

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