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Mandy Wong

Palmer West student Mandy WongWhen 11th quarter student Mandy Wong was growing up she was in and out of doctor’s offices with her family. Those visits prompted her passion for a career in health care. She observed how doctors treated her relatives and wanted to be different. Mandy decided to study biology at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska before enrolling in Palmer West to become a chiropractor.

Mandy is especially passionate about building relationships with her patients.

“I wanted to be in a field that would give me more time with patients. I love getting to know my patients and educating them. As a chiropractor, you can do that.”

“I knew early on that I would want to work in a multidisciplinary environment,” said Mandy. “When I visited Palmer West, they talked about the career opportunities with the V.A. and within corporate chiropractic, and I knew this was the program that would prepare me the most for my future. I’ll be working in a V.A. hospital in Monterey, California starting next month. What you put into a program is what you’re going to get out.”

Now with graduation on the horizon, Mandy says, “I think Palmer West provided the best resources for me. Having what feels like a close-knit family with my classmates and instructors has really helped shape me as a female chiropractor. The classes are top-notch, and we get exposure to real-life situations that can’t be taught in the textbooks.”

As a soon-to-be Doctor of Chiropractic, Mandy encourages other women in the chiropractic profession to “show up, and be fully present, so you don’t miss opportunities.”