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Brian Anderson, D.C., Ph.D., M.S., M.P.H.

Brian Anderson portrait

Brian Anderson, D.C., Ph.D., M.S., M.P.H.

Assistant Professor
Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research - Davenport, Iowa
Research Interests

Health services research; using administrative datasets to evaluate the association between provider type and utilization of medical services (including opioid medications) for musculoskeletal disorders; application of treatment escalation modeling to musculoskeletal disorders

Research Keywords

Health services research, low back pain, neck pain, opioids, chiropractic, cost effectiveness, treatment escalation


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Health Sciences (Ph.D), Northern Illinois University
  • Master of Science, Advanced Clinical Practice (M.S.), National University of Health Sciences
  • Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), National University of Health Sciences
  • Master of Public Health (MPH), Benedictine University
  • Bachelor of Science, Public Health (B.S.), Northern Illinois University

Recent Awards/Key Committees

  • Member, Faculty Senate, Palmer College of Chiropractic - 2021
  • Editorial Advisory Board, DC Tracts (Data Trace Publishing)- 2018-present
  • Peer reviewer, Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies- 2015-present
  • Peer reviewer, Journal of Chiropractic Medicine- 2015-present
  • Best scientific paper- Association of Chiropractic Colleges- Research Agenda Conference. “Analyzing insurance claims to determine patterns of chiropractic care for low back pain and their association with treatment escalation" (2021)

Funded Grants/Projects, 2011-Present

NCMIC Foundation Educational Scholarship recipient: 2015-2019
Principle Investigator

Selected Publications

The relationship between healthcare provider availability and conservative versus non-conservative treatment for back pain among older americans

Author(s): Anderson BR, Yakusheva O, Liu H, Bynum JPW, Davis MA
Publication: J Gen Intern Med
Volume: epbub ahead of print
Year: 2021

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Treatment of a patient with central pain sensitization using graded motor imagery principles: a case report

Author(s): Anderson B, Meyster V
Publication: J Chiropr Med
Volume: 17
Issue: 4
Page(s): 264-267
Year: 2018

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Critical analysis of "x-ray imaging is essential for contemporary chiropractic and manual therapy spinal rehabilitation: radiography increases benefits and reduces risks" by Oakley et al

Author(s): Anderson BR
Publication: Dose Response
Volume: 16
Issue: 4
Year: 2018

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Previously undiagnosed malignant brain tumor discovered during examination of a patient seeking chiropractic care

Author(s): Anderson B
Publication: J Chiropr Med
Volume: 15
Issue: 1
Page(s): 42-46
Year: 2016

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The effect of dietary change in a patient with Ichthyosis Vulgaris: a case report

Author(s): Anderson B
Publication: Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal (IMCJ)
Volume: 14
Issue: 3
Page(s): 42-46
Year: 2015

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