low back pain study

Consider taking part in research on low back pain.


The purpose of the Thoracolumbar Fascia Mobility study is to:

  • Use ultrasound to measure tissues in the back before and after chiropractic care
  • Measure pain and function before and after chiropractic care for back pain
  • Use ultrasound to measure changes in the back when muscles are tight or relaxed

What does the study entail?

  • Talking on the phone to see if you pre-qualify
  • A visit at our center to discuss the study in detail
  • An examination by a doctor of chiropractic (at no cost to you). This visit lasts around 3 hours.
  • Periodic ultrasound images your low back
  • Answering questions about your health
  • Avoiding care such as chiropractic, therapeutic massage and physical therapy for low back pain for 4-weeks
  • Attend 16 visits over 8 weeks at our center
  • Visits will include chiropractic care and periodic ultrasound measurements of your low back

Study Schedule

Study Schedule Flowchart

Who qualifies?

  • You are 21-65 years old
  • You have a certain type of low back pain
  • You have not recently received chiropractic care 
  • Your weight is within a normal range for your height
  • You don't plan to become pregnant within the next 3 months
  • You agree to all other study procedures

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